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By now they were at the edge of the common land. The rats had fallen back momentarily.The voice answered. It seemed to come from directly in front of him. "Show m'self indeed! How many pairs of eyes d'you want, young feller, eh, eh? Fine state of affairs, bless m'soul! What, what!"Abbot Mortimer and Constance the badger meandered through the grounds together. Both creatures were deep in thought. Had they spoken and voiced their thoughts, they would have mentioned the same subject, the safety of Red-wall.Methuselah polished agitatedly at his spectacles. "Where is she now? Will someone please enlighten me?"Again Constance dropped behind the parapet. She hammered her paws loudly against the stones. Standing up, she watched the terrified Chickenhound racing off down the road in a cloud of dust."Good, good," said Cluny. "Anything else to report?"It was very dark and gloomy. Matthias peered over to his right. Faintly he could make out a strip of wan, greyish light filtering in.

"Strange creatures," Basil mused. "Slowed if I can see anything funny about a couple of heroes wanting to be fed so that they can stay alive. Takes all kinds to make a world, young feller, other.ranks included."Winifred the otter was standing nearby. She slung a stone hard, nodded in satisfaction at the resultant scream, and joined the two friends. "Aye, I'm inclined to agree with you, Jess. The Scourge has probably figured some new move. This attack may only be a cover. By the way, is there any word from Foremole and his crew?""Come on, mates," he cried. "Let's knock on the Abbey door!"The final conflict had begun."Indeed he does," replied the Abbot. "His mother and father are old friends of mine. They'll pick up his tracks and be along here later to collect him. Do you know, this little chap hasn't spoken since he was born. I've tried every remedy known to Redwall on him, but none has worked, so he was named Silent Sam. But don't let that fool you, he knows Mossflower Wood like the back of his paw, don't you, Sam?"

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Take on my mighty role.The stone was thrust at Matthias.Constance called the two old friends together. "Look, it's no use quarreling among ourselves. We should be thinking of a solution. Come on, you two, stop sulking and be pals

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Matthias sprang up, grabbing his sword. "Come on, Log-a-Log. I speak the Sparra language. We'd best get over there and find out what's upsetting her."Item two: We have found Martin's tomb.

From the depths of the hay cart the rodents of the Warlord's army watched their Master. They knew him well enough to stay clear of him in this present mood. He was violent, unpredictable.

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"Looka this mouseworm," he scoffed. "He not happy that I spare him. You take mouse back to my sister Dunwing. Tell her King say, take care of mouseworm. He give me good gifts, candvnut, belt. Maybe mouse find more gift for good Majesty who let live. Take 'way now. Must get more sleep. Go."Matthias felt the sword of Martin break through the stone. He looked back over his shoulder. The giant adder was slithering closer with each passing second. He hacked madly to widen the opening he had made. Sticking the sword in the ground, he grabbed Log-a-Log and shook him soundly."I can see it," said Matthias, "there, along to your left. You'll have to lead, Warbeak."There it was, supple shining black leather, chased and trimmed with the purest silver. The scabbard fitted perfectly into the well-made holder on the belt. This was truly the equipment which had belonged personally to Martin the Warrior of Redwall Abbey!was taking him was of little concern to Cluny. Straight on the panicked horse galloped, past the milestone lodged in the earth at the roadside, heedless of the letters graven in the stone: "Redwall Abbey, fifteen miles."

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"Who are you, where are you?"

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Cluny's voice shook as he addressed the nightmare visitor.must think me. I'll probably sit around on the common here and teach the rats to make daisy chains."Matthias watched some of the tiny ants carrying off his fallen breadcrumbs as he answered, "As well as possible, Brother Methuselah. And how are your studies coming along?"

Shadow bared his yellowed fangs and started climbing. Slowly he made his way upwards, like a long black reptile, his claws seeking hidden niches and crevices in the sandstone. Ever upwards, sometimes stopping spreadeagled against the surface as he figured out his next movement, taking full advantage of every crack and joint in the wall. No other animal in Cluny's army could have attempted such an ascent, but Shadow was a climbing expert. He concentrated his whole being on the job in hand, sometimes clinging to the stones by no more than a single claw. Below on the ground Cluny and Ragear strained their eyes upwards. They could hardly make out his shape. He was not far from the top of the wall.

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