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Matthias kicked the sheets from him as he leaped up and dashed headlong from the bedroom, along the dormitory corridor and helter skelter down the spiral staircase. Through Cavern Hole he clattered in the darkness, stumbling and tripping over furniture, his heart hammering loudly and legs pumping like twin pistons. Matthias fell over the top stair and went sprawling into Great Hall. He lay on the floor, gazing through the gloom to the tapestry. Martin was still 'there, but. . . he was moving.Matthias set up a solitary makeshift camp that night. After a frugal meal he wrapped his habit tight about his body to ward 昽ff the chill breeze and settled down to sleep. Alone with his bitter thoughts about the ungrateful shrews, the young mouse finally dozed off.Guosim toppled on her side, dead!in

Cluny continued, "You see, I knew the badger and her friends were planning to kill me, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone: fool them, and save myself the trouble of having to execute Cheesethief. In fact I let the Redwall crowd do the dirty work for me. I didn't want any of my loyal soldiers put to any trouble. I gave the traitor enough rope and let our enemies hang him!""Look at me, my little friend. I can see that you are a great warrior. You are not afraid to gaze into my eyes. Look atA black moth on a moonless night would not have escaped Shadow's notice. He needed no lamp to scrutinize the thing before him. So this was the picture of the warrior mouse that Cluny lusted after. Using his razor-sharp fangs he began gnawing into the ancient tapestry, working from the tasseled hem upwards.Redtooth dodged back as his request was greeted by howls of derision and some loose pieces of masonry from the ramparts. These plump little mice were not as peaceful as they first looked."Ha, one shot is all we'll need."

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"Aye, Chief, d'you want me?""Take these miserable turncoats out of my sight. You know what to do.""Matthias all red mouse."

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"I saw it, but I don't believe it!"Basil Stag Hare snorted. "Rubbish. My fight indeed! D'you fondly imagine that I'd sit there munching at the old nosebag

Cluny actually smiled. Sela shuddered.

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The Abbot looked up at Constance. "And you, my oldest friend. Do me one last service. Lift my head a little and I will tell you what my failing eyes can see before I leave you."The tomb of Martin the Warrior!The Warrior Mouse strode out into the crowd. He pointed his blade at the quivering Warlord.Foremole (who was never too keen on heights) covered his eyes with a paw. "Gurr,, moi dearie, dearie me. She'm loiken an owlyburd alia ways up thurr. Nay, oi'm afeared to look.""Phut!"

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"Come now," said Methuselah, "compared with me, you are still a mouse in your prime. Yet like many others that think my senses are failing, you cannot see half the things that my old eyes observe."

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"At least you seem to lead a peaceful life," he said hopefully.They, however, didn't seem to be missing him at all. Neither of them had written to him allThe Warlord looked up blankly.

Cluny watched them strike off into the undergrowth. His previous good mood had deserted him. He was working himself into a foul temper over the day's performance by his mighty conquering horde. Shown up by the simple tactics of woodland creatures and mice! He snorted and dug his powerful claws into the rotten tree trunk, sending beetles and woodlice scurrying as he tore out a chunk of the spongy timber. Oh, he had had them frightened at first. As a commander he knew the power of fright, but once they, had gained the upper hand in the initial skirmish the mice lost their fear and became bolder. That was when the battle had started to go against him. Granted, he had scored one or two small victories, but they were nothing to brag about. He couldn't use them as an example to put fresh heart in his troops.

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