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Remorselessly he used his greater strength to drive the young mouse backwards. They were only inches from the wall now. Matthias realized what Cluny was doing. He would be finished once he was pinned against the wall. There was only one thing to do. Matthias suddenly swerved aside and collapsed on his back. Kicking his legs out rigid, he sent Cluny crashing into the wall. Matthias leaped over Cluny, and bounded up the spiral stairs into the darkness of the belfry.254Questions raced through Matthias's brain as he fought his way through the undergrowth. Taking a check on his bearings, he began to worry a little. The Abbey walls should be in sight over towards the north-west. Perhaps he hadn't fully realized the sprawling size of the woodlands. Yes, that was it. Maybe if he kept on trekking the walls would soon come into view.

Bull Sparra's mad bright eyes glanced upwards to the weather vane. There was the accursed mouseworm, waving and shouting with the sword case and belt slung about him. He saw it all now. He had been tricked, duped!84Still dinging to the tapestry, Shadow wriggled like an eel. Turning over on to his back, he kicked savagely at the young mouse's head with a free foot. Matthias tried valiantly to hang on, but his larger and heavier opponent kicked him viciously in the face, again and again. The big bony foot with its sharp claws pounding and gouging away soon took its toll. Matthias went limp and blacked out.


"Cluny?""West," said Fangburn, simultaneously."Ah, Matthias, Matthias, the brave one. Wipe away your tears, my son. Death is only part of life. Tell me, can you see the late rose?"

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The angry sparrows persisted with their savage assault. Jess kept on descending resolutely. She couldn't seem to defend herself.

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A weasel called Scragg came running up. He reported smartly with great efficiency. "High tree near the Abbey wall. Chief, elm I think, much higher than the wall, lots of branches jutting out, just the job for climbing."Bull Sparra Happed his wings and laughed hysterically. "Hahahahahahaha! Look, Battlehawk! See, Windplume! Mouseworm be hurt in headbrain. He crazy! Hahahahahahaha."

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Cluny laughed mirthlessly, his fangs showing yellow and sharp. "So, you walked into a big thorn tree and got two black eyes, a torn ear and your whole hide covered in long scratches?"

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Basil puffed out his narrow chest as he absentmindedly ate one of Matthias's quince tarts. "Adders in Mossflower? Now let me see. No, 1 don't suppose there are nowadays. There was talk of one a long time back, but 1 shouldn't think he's around anymore. Filthy reptiles, adders. Nothing like stags, y'know. Now what the devil was that adder chap's name? No, I can't remember it for the life of me." "Could it be Asmodeus?" Matthias inquired innocently. Basil Stag Hare dropped a half-eaten apple pie on the i bedside table. He was suddenly very serious."Yes, thank you. Father," Matthias replied.Cornflower winked at Matthias, shook her head at Methuselah and walked off with mock dignity, her nose high in die air. Matthias watched her go until Methuselah tweaked his ear. "Pay attention now, young mouse. We must study this bit by bit. Let's take the first two tines:

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