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350Burning with resentment, Cheesethief was shoved unceremoniously aside. Cluny aimed a kick at him as the efficient weasel took his place. "You just sit there and be still," Cluny snarled. "And try not to make enough noise to waken the entire Abbey.""Oh please. Chief, it was only a joke, 1 didn't mean to?

Then why, reasoned Brother Rufus, did the rats not give aid to their own companions? Surely all two hundred were not trapped? The rat evaded the question and made a great show of rubbing his injured leg. Could they not take him in and dress his wound and perhaps give him a bite to eat at least?348All the sparrows laughed loud and long, vying with each other to show the most merriment. The King was a completely unpredictable tyrant. When he made a joke it was

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In his frustration Matthias swung the spike at the lock. It bounced off, lodging deep between the hasp and the woodwork. He grunted in exasperation, pulling it savagely towards himself to loosen it. Taken off balance, he went head over tail. The hasp had broken; it came away bringing with it some twisted rusty screws. The door swung open."Left wheel! I said left wheel, you buffoons. You there, don't you know the difference between your left and your right? Hold out your left paw."

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His paw encountered a space in the left wall. It turned out to be a rectangular anteroom. Matthias was horrified to discover that it was full of cast-off snake skins. They lay about on the floor, dry and withered. He shuddered at the thought of their former occupants, the hairs rising on the nape of his neck as he swiftly abandoned the repulsive scene and hurried along the passage."You young blaggard! So this is how you repay our kindness. You are far worse than your wicked mother!"

The tiny squirrel hopped and shuffled a short way into the woods. Turning to Matthias, it took its paw from its mouth and beckoned him to follow. He needed no second urging.

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Matthias peered through the cracks at the insulting prisoner.Fangburn sat up. He winced through discolored eyes. "/ let the fox escape? Me? Oh no. You're the one in charge! You let her get away, not me. Wait'11 I report this to Cluny. I'll tell him that you?It was fifteen minutes before one o'clock in the morning. Three figures crossed the Abbey gardens as the moon broke from behind a drifting cloudbank. The nearby pond was bathed in a silver sheen, parts of the sandstone wall reflecting back a wavery bluish light. Constance and Methuselah carried lanterns; Matthias bore the warrior's shield upon his arm. They ascended the wall steps in single file, acknowledging the murmured good wishes of those on sentry duty.There was real peril negotiating the curve at the top of the arch. Hanging tightly to the spikes he had fixed, Matthias leaned out dangerously. There was nothing but determination and the strength in his paws to stop him from plunging down to a frightening death. Gritting his teeth, he made it to the apex of the arch. He reached over the stone ledge which divided the arch from the stained-glass windows above and, taking a firm grip, propelled himself upwards and sideways. His legs landed further along the ledge. With his cheek resting on the stone, he gave one last heave and rolled on to the safety of the ledge.

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"Even the biros have stopped singing," Constance said quietly.

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Cluny seized the unlucky pair and shook them soundly. "Have you both gone raving mad? D'you mean to tell me you're frightened of that fool Ragear?"An anguished moan arose from the dormice lying in the ditch. Cluny cracked his tail.Seated in the Father Abbot's own chair, Methuselah took

Matthias had never stayed up all night in his life. He was just a bit tired, but strangely excited. Great events seemed to have been set in motion by his news.

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