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229Constance came rambling along the wall, checking on the road beneath. "Hello there, you two! Are you staying up here all day? You'll miss afternoon tea if you don't hurry. There'll be precious little left with three squirrels, three voles, and Basil Stag Hare as guests."The Chief had a plan. Like all of his schemes it would be cunningly simple and wickedly brilliant. There was no better general than Cluny when it came to strategy.The heavily-laden sack struck Methuselah a crushing blow. He collapsed instantly on the floor and lay still.Much to everyone's surprise, the Abbot came to Matthias's defense. "One moment, Clemence, Matthias speaks sense. Let us hear what he has to say. We are none of us too old to learn."Brother Methuselah closed the volume and looked over his glasses at the assembly. "I have no need to read further, I can recite other misdeeds from memory. As the hordes of Cluny the Scourge have moved southwards over the past six years, I have gathered intelligence of other incidents: a farmhouse set alight, later that same year . . . piglets, an entire litter of them eaten alive by rats . . . sickness and disease spread through livestock herds by Cluny's army. There was even a report brought to me two years ago by a town dog: an army of rats stampeded a herd of cows through a village, causing chaos and much destruction."Cluny pursued doggedly, making no sudden moves, waiting for the hare to get overconfident so that he could strike. His soldiers moved about twenty paces behind the action. Cluny had warned them off- he wanted a one-to-one confrontation.

a bit by then. We'll catch them oil guard. Scragg, see this lot keep still and quiet, will you?"King Bull Sparra had finished napping. Something was disturbing him about the captive mouse. He had been too busy guzzling candied chestnuts to let it bother him. But now that he was wide awake it hit him like a ton of bricks.In moonlight streaming forth,Both mice turned their heads northwards.317

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Foremole spat on his paws and rubbed them together. "Arr roight, mateys, best dumpen this lot whurr it corned from."Coolly Jess stood her ground until they were almost upon her. Right at the last second she went like a blur up the side of a horse chestnut tree, stopping just out of reach. Some of the more agile ones tried climbing to get at her. Jess merely scampered further upwards.183

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"Good! Now is the time! Come on, ferret!"

trees growing near the Abbey walls. Make sure that the tree you pick is higher than the wall itself and not too difficult to climb. Got that? Right, get going."

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Bracing himself against the weather vane, Matthias shielded his eyes and peered down into the Abbey grounds. Starting from there he began a systematic search upwards. Most of it was too far below him to make out anything clearly.Brother Alf watched the little figure flip-flopping off. HeThey battled across the green Abbey lawns, right through the center of the maelstrom of warring creatures. Oblivious to the fighting around them they sought to destroy each other, hacking, stabbing, lunging and swinging in mortal combat.Asmodeus gave a low, soothing, hiss. "Come to me, little mouse. Let me wrap myself around you. 1 will give you the kiss of eternal sleep."Later that evening Brother Alf was patrolling his stretch of wall when he noticed a movement in the ferns at the edge of Mossflower Wood. Constance and Matthias were summoned hastily. They peered over the parapet. Brother Alf pointed to where he had seen the ferns moving.

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The huge tail snaked out and caressed the fox. "Of course you are, my friend. How silly of me."

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The two guerrilla shrews melted back into the woods. Alone now, Matthias crossed the sunny field leading to the barn, just as Basil had taught him: zig-zag, crouch, wriggle and weave.Cluny's tail banged down on the rotting lectern, smashing it into several fragments.The young mouse stood in the gloom of the barn, knowing he was being watched. Without turning or looking around he addressed the cat.

"Ha! Just you wait, mice," he raged. "There's a whole army of us camped down in the church. When 1 tell Cluny how you treated me, ho ho, just wait, that's all. We'll be back, by the fang we will." With that he slunk off, cursing all mice.

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