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Little chance there was of anything democratic being allowed by Cluny the Scourge, who lay on the bed with his eye closed, ignoring the whispered bickering and backbiting around him. He would promote only when he was good and ready. Meanwhile, just let any of his horde dare try to press the issue!

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Leaning back against the stained-glass windows they ate lunch. Warbeak gave a twittering laugh.The covering of dead moonlit vegetation on the ground trembled and rustled. What better cover than a light breeze and a hunter's moon? Glittering black eyes searched the night, a forked tongue tasted the air, the small living plants appeared to shudder as the long scaly body brushed by them, trailing its way along.

"Scabbard mean sword case?" Dunwing inquired. Matthias nodded.

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to take a mouse as prey. She was a fierce, frightening bird. Have you ever been close up to a sparrowhawk? No, of course you haven't. Well, let me tell you, they can hypnotize small creatures with those savage golden eyes. Born killers, they are. But this hawk said something that made me think. She talked of the sparrows, called diem winged mice, said that many years ago they had stolen something from our Abbey: a treasure that belonged to the mice. Wouldn't say what it was. Just flew off. Huh, who expects gratitude from a sparrowhawk, anyway?"Two oversized cauldrons of boiling water stood ready on tripods with slow fires burning beneath them to keep up the temperature. Constance and the beaver positioned themselves behind these, tipstaves at the ready. All available mice and woodland defenders were gathered in two groups, on either side of the cord-marked aisle. They waited, looking to the badger for further instructions. To a passing stranger it might have looked like some strange Abbey ritual: two fires, twq?parallel cords, and all the serious-faced creatures gathered h two groups on the grass in the hot Juste afternoon, wait silently.

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Oblivious to all about him, even Matthias and the Abbot who had followed him out, Cluny stood staring at the tapestry.

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As fast as they could run, both mice hurried up the steps to the top of the wall. With Matthias in the lead they pounded along the ramparts. Matthias stopped above the gatehouse and stamped his foot upon the stones.

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