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Cluny cracked his tail triumphantly, pulling Plumpen forward until their noses touched. The big rat's voice was as foul and evil as his breath.Foremole smiled, his whole face almost vanishing into dark velvet wrinkles. He clapped Matthias on the shoulder in a chummy way. The young mouse was amazed at the weight and strength of Foremole's paw. He was glad that it was a friendly pat.All around the sides of the stone were detailed carvings, depicting scenes from Martin's life: deeds of valor and works of skillful healing. Lying along the top of the stone was a life-sized effigy of the Warrior. He was clothed in the familiar habit of a Redwall mouse, plain, with no trimmings.Instantly Matthias found himself fighting for his life. The Sparra soldiers piled in on him, jabbering, clawing and pecking. He managed to get a paw free and struck out left and right, dealing hefty blows to several of the sparrows. Matthias realized that he would soon be overwhelmed as more sparrows pressed in on him, urged on by the mad exhortations of their King. "K-killeet, k-kiUeet, make mousa dead, killeet!""Go and boil your head, rat!" came Constance's gruff reply.A swift rush of wings and Warbeak was gone.cheeky old hedgehog telling me to run for it. Couldn't go, of course. Dear me, no. That'd never do. Chap deserting his post; bit of a bad show, what, what? I prefer me own company, y'know. Present company excepted, of course."

Cluny might be making promotions. There were now three rat officers on the list of the dead."Asmodeussssssssssss!""What a calm, efficient young mouse Cornflower is," the : 'Abbot remarked to Constance.Silent Sam hopped upon the table. He showed Basil a tiny scratch on his unsucked paw. The kindly hare inspected it gravely. "Egad, looks like another serious war wound! Better sit here by me, little warrior. Feed it well, that's the ticket.""We were just leaning there for a rest. We're only simple healers."

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"What does it say, Brother Methuselah?" he cried.The captains of Red wall wasted no time in making use of the temporary respite. Repairs were started upon the gatehouse door. Teams of woodland carpenters, Abbey smiths and laborers, plus any creatures that felt the need to help were lowered down to the road in large wickerwork baskets. Should the enemy in the meadow decide to make any sudden move, the workmen could be speedily hauled back up to the ramparts. All that day the rope gangs were kept busy sending down wood, spikes, cordage, tools and repair materials.and special knowledge of the kindly mice? All knew that they owed their very existence to the Abbot and his community. Healing, aid, food, shelter and good advice were granted to all. Now was the time to unite and repay, to give any help that was possible. Before much longer Redwall would require the skills and knowledge of all its woodland allies. They would be gratefully given!

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"Young mouse," he called. "You do right to ask this thing, for truly you are looking at Cluny the Scourge."Then the phantom figure appeared.

Matthias began to walk towards the voice. He could hear a wicked snigger followed by a cry of despair. "Matthias, help, don't let them take me." - He ran forwards. The hall seemed to grow longer.

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They both looked at the ferret, waiting for him to express an opinion.he had put himself at the head of the party, helping them to carry the cumbersome object.A noise from behind distracted the rat. He swiveled around. He found himself facing two huge cauldrons which bubbled and simmered ominously over twin fires. Behind them stoodMatthias held up a paw. "Father Abbot, it is our duty not only to defend but to retaliate."Alone in the woods, Matthias felt a bit wobbly upon his legs. He sat down against a beech tree until the feeling passed.

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Matthias's eyes gleamed with a new determination.

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16"Eat heartily, Matthias. No point in facing trouble on an empty stomach. Feed the body, nourish the mind."Silently she crept off. Matthias could feel his heart beating against his chest. He spoke to the image of Martin.

From his vantage point Matthias looked down. Far below him on the floor he could see Cluny holding the spike under Friar Hugo's chin.

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