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Guosim ran shakily some distance to the left. She pointed to the ground. "Right here! You can see the great slithering marks! Look!"In spite of his dangerous predicament Matthias was inwardly amused at the King's use of his name. Slumping to the floor, he sat with his head between his paws, the picture of dejected innocence.

Guosim grabbed the stone from the ground. "Stop, Log-a-Log! You have no right to strike a comrade! He was only stating the facts. Our Guerrilla Union rules clearly state that no member can be forced to venture beyond official shrew boundaries."

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Killconey the ferret extolled the virtues of his weasel friend, Scragg, who had met his death at the foot of the big elm tree. "Aye, let me tell you, buckos. Scragg: now there was a weasel with a head on his shoulders! Officer material he was, definitely. D'you know, I still can't figure how a smart boyo like that could let himself be killed in a fall from some old tree."Jess, Winifred and Basil stood solidly behind Constance. They had just related to her the latest piece of intelligence received. The attackers would emerge from their completed tunnel sometime around mid-afternoon.

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She made her way to the door. Fangburn and Redtooth stood barring it.Cornflower was having a very busy day."Matthias, I that am, Matthias, you that are.""Not at all, not at all, dear fellow," said Basil regally, asOn reflection, Matthias could see the wisdom of the badger's counsel. Long after they had all retired for the night he sat up thinking. A hundred mad ideas pounded through his brain, each one wilder than the last. Feeling at a loss, he wandered up into Great Hall and stood in front of the tapestry. Without consciously realizing it, he found himself talking to Martin the Warrior.

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The young mouse decided to 6ght fire with fire. No point being good mannered with this little hooligan. He snarled in what he hoped was an aggressive manner, "Never mind who I am! Who do you think you are, you little rag-head?"

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