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Brother Alf pushed through, carrying something. "Winifred, one of your otters has just come up with this sword belt and scabbard. He found them near where Matthias was."Suck, suck, suck.

The weight of combined bodies hit the ground between the lines.The shrews were completely baffled. They sat about scratching their heads at the strange behavior of the sparrow and die mouse. Matthias chattered to Warbeak in the rapid Sparra tongue, telling of all that had happened since they last parted. Warbeak for her part told Matthias of her fortunes to date."Pleased to meet you. Squire Julian," said Matthias politely.Methuselah the gatehouse-keeper stood facing the damaged tapestry in the Great Hall of Redwall. Being too old for active

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Cluny lay with his one good eye half open.

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Log-a-Log ripped the cloth band from his brow and flung it down. He took the stone up in his paw. "Matthias, I speak not only for myself but for all the Guerrilla Union. We are very sorry, you must believe that. It completely supped our minds. We forgot about the cat. You see, we are shrews, not only by name but also by nature. We argue, quarrel, bicker and fight so much among ourselves that we lose sight of the important issues. That is the way it is with us. Please accept our apologies, friend."Thwack!

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Matthias scrambled out from beneath the lilac. Something must have gone wrong! Throwing caution to the winds, heConstance's reply was harsh and unafraid, "Then speak your piece and begone, rats."With two rats flanking him, the Father Abbot stepped forward in a slow, dignified manner. Even clad in his nightwear he radiated calm and fortitude. Cluny sat back, sneering openly.

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"Not much. Just remember what I've said, old chap. This Captain Snow is a night hunter, by the way. He probably sleeps in some old tree all day with one eye open. You mark my words, laddie, old Snow doesn't miss a thing. He knows all the creatures in his territory, where they live, what trails they use and so on. Ha, they don't call owls wise for nothing. Bit of a duffer all the same, letting a tree fell on him. Keep

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"That one will be this month, June! When is the full moon due in June, Constance?"

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