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like his predecessor Redtooth, Cheesethief was ambitious. He interpreted Cluny's order as the much-coveted promotion to second-in-command. The Chief had not even acknowledged Darkclaw. In his elation, Cheesethief even forgot the painful hornet stings. He strutted about asserting his new-found authority.172"Who is that mouse?" he gasped.Ragear ambled proudly along, thrilled that he had been specially picked to accompany his Chief on such a vital task. Little did he know that Cluny had only included him as anBull Sparra Happed his wings and laughed hysterically. "Hahahahahahaha! Look, Battlehawk! See, Windplume! Mouseworm be hurt in headbrain. He crazy! Hahahahahahaha."Constance stopped the proceedings with a loud angry bark. "Here now. Enough of that, rat. You are here to talk with the Abbot. Get along with you."84

Ignoring her injuries, Constance called into the surrounding woods, "Over here, he's over here!"Constance's back hairs bristled. She gave an angry growl followed by a fierce bark. The mice huddled together with fright. Nobody had ever seen a snarling, angry badger at a Council meeting."Sounds all mixed up to me," Matthias grumbled.The scavengers dashed off, bumping clumsily into each other with panic as they tried to get through the door together. Cluny slumped back on the bed and snorted impatiently.

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"You tell me."The two mole brothers respectfully tugged their noses to Foremole before answering:270

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The hare had cast off his leg bandage. Now that he was back in active service the "honorable war wound" was completely forgotten.Using the plank as an improvised stretcher they carefully lifted Cluny on to it. Cheesethief knew Cluny was watching him. Tenderly he lifted the dangling tail and arranged it gently alongside his leader. "Try not to move. Chief. Lie still, we'll soon get you back to camp."


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inThe Guerrilla Shrews are out collecting honey from the bee folk; they have struck up a great friendship with the bees, even learning their language so that they can argue with them.The Abbot could not help shaking his head in admiration. It seemed that young Matthias had hidden depths."Me only Sparra King Bull let into there," she laughed. "He lazy Sparra. Not make own wormfood." Matthias shared her laughter.The loud toll of the distant Joseph Bell brought Cluny whirling back from the realms of nightmare to cold reality. He shivered, wiping the sweat from his fur with a shaky daw. Saved by the bell.

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Matthias had not long to wait before the small door in the wall nearby grated open on its rusty hinges, and Constance peered cautiously out. Seeing Matthias, she ran to greet him, with the little squirrel perched upon her back.

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Still dinging to the tapestry, Shadow wriggled like an eel. Turning over on to his back, he kicked savagely at the young mouse's head with a free foot. Matthias tried valiantly to hang on, but his larger and heavier opponent kicked him viciously in the face, again and again. The big bony foot with its sharp claws pounding and gouging away soon took its toll. Matthias went limp and blacked out.The young mouse backed away as the sparrow released the door. It banged down hard, flapping on its hinges.

And the head of Asmodeus Poisonteeth, the giant adder, lay severed upon the ground, its eyes dulled in death, never again to hypnotize another living creature!

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