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Shortly after twelve o'clock Matthias awakened. The noontime sunlight flooded the room. Basil was flat on his back snoring stentoriously. Although his shoulder still throbbed, Matthias felt fit and refreshed - well enough to travel; He knew, however, that he must act with stealth and secrecy. If die Abbot or Cornflower or any of his friends knew of his scheme he would have no chance at all. They would make certain he was confined to bed until further notice.

The battle continued sporadically all day and into the evening. The ram-carriers kept up their attack, but somehow the great door withstood them. When the last vestiges of twilight were

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Jess Squirrel knocked the rat flat with both her feet. She sank her teeth into the bully's back. A pack of rats leaped upon Jess. They dragged her off their screaming companion and beat at her with their spear butts and cutlass handles.summer, even though Ron had said he was going to ask Harry to come and stay.

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An icy claw of fear gripped Matthias's stomach. He sat down hard in the grass.

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The rat was completely petrified. The breath seemed to freeze in his lungs. The sinister blunt head moved in a lazy rhythm, its forked tongue flickering endlessly in and out, the round beadlike jet eyes never leaving his for an instant. Its voice was like dry leaves rustling in an autumn breeze."He's coming!" Log-a-Log screamed in terror.Dunwing was waiting for him. She tied it firmly around his waist. Matthias tested the knot apprehensively as the sparrow told him what she proposed to do.

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"Yurr moles, get outten th' loight. Let'n um dog at bone thurr."Unexpectedly Bull Sparra's mood changed for the worse. He crumpled the empty dock-leaf packet and hurled it into Matthias's face.

Matthias snorted indignantly. "Poor little sparrow, my eye! Listen, Miss, if I let .that young hussy off her lead for five minutes, we'd all be murdered in our beds."

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