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Father Abbot struggled to his knees. "Please, I beg of you, do not fight on my account. They have the advantage. You'll only get hurt.""I believe you are right," said the old mouse. "'Day's first hour' is not when it becomes light. It's one in the morning, still dark.""Yes, you'd have thought that he was the commander of the horde."Led by Constance, the defenders riled hurriedly off.

A mob of rats had scrambled through the fence to catch Basil, but it was like trying to catch smoke upon the wind. He was there and gone. From her hiding place Jess tried hard to stifle her giggles.They hurried down the nearest opening, immediately spinning around and racing back. Asmodeus was in the passage sliding towards them. They paused momentarily in the big cavern. With the shrew on one paw and the sword in the other, Matthias looked wildly about.He felt the sharp sword pierce his chest.

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The hare's ears flopped comically as he shook his head."Well, you old tree-jumper. Let's see if we can't baffle the blighters with science!"Far ahead in the murky darkness Matthias could vaguely distinguish a figure leaning out from the wall. It was a mouse in armor.

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The young mouse lost track of time until he became aware of the sun starting to sink in a reddening sky heralding the twilight. Surely the snake must pass this way soon!

Mrs. Vole nodded vigorously. "Aye, we saw them leave the church to march on Redwall. Cluny was leading the villains with Martin's picture tied to his banner. My oh my, you never did see so many wild rascals in all your born days."

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The deceivers spoke together."5the big badger and another strange-looking creature, equally well built."What else? Think, Matthias."

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most elderly among them was a blind hairless mite, puling and whimpering for a feed from its mother.

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The Abbot shook with silent laughter as he watched Matthias march off with a soldier-like swagger. Flip flop, flip flop; he tripped and fell flat on his tail."Matthias, forget it. Abandon any hopes you have of snatching the Vole family from under Cluny's nose. Imagine it, a few of us going up against several hundred armed rats in their own camp. Ridiculous. A fat lot of good we'd be as defenders of Redwall with our heads fixed to Cluny's standard. Matthias, you're a very brave young mouse, so please try to set an example to the rest by not becoming a foolish or dead one."208

"The same one," Matthias replied. "But to cut a long story short, the adder stole the sword from him. That's why I want to know about Asmodeus, you see."

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