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"Phew!" she gasped. "What a wild bunch of savages those sparrows are! I thought they had me once or twice back there."Methuselah felt himself in the presence of one many times older than he. Lanterns held high, the two mice advanced through the doorway.Matthias unbuckled the belt and handed it over. King Bull fondled it, then fastened it on himself. As he admired the belt, strutting in front of the broken mirror, the sparrow spoke in a normal voice.A rare smile covered the features of the normally laconic Julian. He purred comfortingly. "No, no. I insist that we share the blame fifty-fifty. Besides, the question won't arise now that you've sworn off shrews and mice. I say, have you ever tried a fresh trout salad with mustard and cress? Why don't you come over to the bam? I'm sure there'll be enough for two. I mean, trout's not exactly a vegetable, is it?""Beg pardon, young mouse, old chap, but if you can't finish that blackberry muffin or that red-currant tart ..."

Despite its outwardly untidy appearance, the nest was neat and cozy on the inside. Warbeak had gathered Matthias's gear together. Repacking it into the torn haversack, she returned it to her mouse friend, eyeing him in an apprehensive manner.Beneath the Great Hall of Redwall, candles burned bright in their sconces. This was the Cavern Hole x>f the mice. What a night it was going to be!"You know too much, vixen. You and your son played a dangerous game. Nobody outsmarts Cluny. I've won, and you have both lost."

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Shadow sat on the top pulpit step. Cluny issued his orders. "You will climb the Abbey wall. Many sentries patrol the top of the wall. Take the utmost care. If you get captured, you are of no use to me. There is no point in one alone trying to attack the gatehouse and open the aoor. It is too well guarded, so forget the gate."Warbeak came fluttering and bustling in. "Wind much strongblow. Old mouse say he tell squirreljess, you be out on roof when Josabell ring lunchworm. Squirreljess meet there with climbrope."

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A long whippy larch branch sprang forward suddenly. It crashed into Ragear's head, poleaxing him.

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"Aye, that's true. Let's leave it untij later."

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Basil Stag Hare has gone off on a journey to bring hisfriends Captain Snow and Squire Julian Gingivere back to the Abbey with him. Basil is ignoring the fact that it is the Abbot's anniversary. He constantly refers to it as 'A Regimental Reunion Dinner.' Winifred the otter, and the beaver, in company with that reprobate Ambrose Spike, are testing the quality of the October nutbrown ale. It must be particularly frne this year, judging from the sound of many rowdy ballads issuing from the wine cellars. Plumpen and his family of dormice are helping Foremole and his crew dig a roasting pit. Early this morning our Father Abbot went outfrshing with Matthias the Warrior. They consider it no less than their bounden duty to bring back a larger ftsh than last year. The Joseph Bell which was broken has been recast into two smaller bells. I can hear them now. They are named Matthias and Methuselah. My twin Church-mice, Tim and Tess, are grown quite sturdy over the past year. They are our Abbey bellringers, and a splendid job they make of it too!

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