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"I don't like it," Jess remarked.Constance's free paw snapped the herb pouch from the fox's belt. She shook the contents out on to the stump. Grabbing the copy of Cluny's invasion plans she studied it briefly, then stuffed it into her belt.I know exactly when, where, and how die hordes of Cluny will attack your Abbey. What price will you give me for this important information?Fangburn hazarded a guess. "To keep us out, Chief?""Come on, you lot! On your feet! Stand up straight, you mice! Step aside there! Make way for Cluny the Scourge!"Poison probably meant it was an adder. He had never seen an adder, nor any other type of snake. At Redwall he had learned of snakes from the talk of others. They spoke of the adder as if it were a reptile that was half legend, half nightmare. It was said that even the Father Abbot himself would flatly refuse to treat a snake, no matter how bad its condition might be. Luckily there had never been cause to. There had never been reports of an adder in the area of Mossflower, that was why most creatures tended to treat it as a mythical reptile; but wise ones like Constance, the Abbot and old Methuselah assured everyone that the adder was cold deadly fact. They said that in all the world there was nothing more feared: the strong coils, hypnotic eyes and poison fangs.

"Lost? Where?" Cluny snarled."But Chief, it might bite me back."Warbeak undid the collar. It fell from Matthias's neck. "Mousefriend set me free. Now me set you free. Warbeak go now, Matthias. Good wormhunt."

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Sela sat up, rubbing her head, trying to recognize her surroundings. She saw the old stump littered with her herbs and potions. The pouch lay nearby. Holding her head with both paws, she tried to halt the thumping ache.

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At that precise moment it was two of those same creatures who stood on the fringe of Mossflower Wood, spying across the common land to where Cluny's army was exercising.Silent Sam clenched his little paws over his head. He shook them like a tiny champion. Nobody in all the world was a better climber than his mother."Why, you old pair of relics! It wouldn't take me two ticks to bring you some warm milk and tuck you in your own beds. Then I'd be free to get on with the job myself.""A little bit of both, I suppose," said the young mouse. "Do you know much about Captain Snow and Asmodeus?"

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Abbot Mortimer was the first to admit that he had been mistaken. "The intelligence brought to us by our friend Constance is conclusive. Cluny will never rest until he has Redwall under his heel; therefore I feel that I must apologize for my misjudgment of the situation. You, my commanders, were right, and now, thanks to Cluny, we know the secret details of the enemy horde's next attack."

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