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The young mouse backed away as the sparrow released the door. It banged down hard, flapping on its hinges."Here, Chief.""West," said Fangburn, simultaneously.They, however, didn't seem to be missing him at all. Neither of them had written to him allThe scabbard had gone from the back of the chair.Remorselessly he used his greater strength to drive the young mouse backwards. They were only inches from the wall now. Matthias realized what Cluny was doing. He would be finished once he was pinned against the wall. There was only one thing to do. Matthias suddenly swerved aside and collapsed on his back. Kicking his legs out rigid, he sent Cluny crashing into the wall. Matthias leaped over Cluny, and bounded up the spiral stairs into the darkness of the belfry.

Matthias could not help laughing at the irrepressible hare.Matthias agreed to convey the message to the Guerrilla Shrews. They had arrived at a small overgrown orchard. Julian halted within twenty paces of a stunted oak. As he bade Matthias climb down he cautioned him, "You probably can't see Captain Snow, but he's watching us. I can tell when he's at home. Be extra careful, Matthias. The old glutton wifl more than likely eat you on sight - typical of an owl. Well, I'm off now. If you get the chance, say Squire Gingivere said that he must surely admit he was in the wrong and apologize. Only then can we resume our friendship and Uve together in the barn. Goodbye, Matthias, and do take care.""How many did we get?" he inquired.7The Wall

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Darkclaw did not even get a chance to scream out a death cry. Boiling water cascaded down over his head in a hissing, steaming deluge. The force of the rushing water sent his body plummeting back down the hole. Endless gallons of scalding water hit the rats in the tunnel like a hellish tidal wave. The tightly packed rodents were instantly slain.A weasel called Scragg came running up. He reported smartly with great efficiency. "High tree near the Abbey wall. Chief, elm I think, much higher than the wall, lots of branches jutting out, just the job for climbing."77

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Cluny dodged about as a shower of spiky chestnuts hurtled down."All comfy back there?" called Matthias. "Right, off we go, Constance."

Cluny banged the standard against the floor. "Enough! Where are these others that you mentioned?"

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'? ground.The badger shouted mockingly, "Don't forget to call again, rat. I'd be delighted to see you. We've got some unfinished business that I'm looking forward to settling. Just you and me, Redtooth!"

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Silent Sam was Cornflower's bodyguard on her nightly round of the ramparts. He marched solemnly by her side as she gave out mugs of hot soup to the grateful sentries that watched through the night hours. Ambrose Spike watched hungrily as she poured him a steaming mug of the delicious soup. The

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Killconey lay watching the gate from behind a sycamore-in the woods. Near to every other entrance one of Cluny's most trusted soldiers was concealed, awaiting the signal. It was the ferret who was rewarded by the sight of the scarlet cloth being shoved through the doorjamb. He hurried away to tell Cluny.

"What's the matter? Has Asmodeus been sighted?" Matthias asked.

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