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"Hard to tell in this light," replied Winifred. "But I'd swear that was Cluny Constance tipped off the plank."$ 207The lower wall with its arched sandstone window frames held no difficulties for the tough squirrel. She climbed with speed and alacrity. Lifting herself over the gutter with a neat flick of her bushy tail, Jess clattered across to a small slate side roof. She was temporarily lost to view at the start of the second stage. As she came into sight again, the watchers below could not help but notice that the climb was more difficult, progress was slower.gave a sigh and shook his head. "What do you suppose our Matthias is up to?"The marmalade cat spat the young mouse out upon the bam floor. He lay wet and sticky, quivering all over, dust and straw clinging to his fur. Instinct warned Matthias to tie inert and play dead. He had no chance to make a run for it, surrounded as he was by the cat's paws. He could not stop liis body from quaking badly. He lay staring into the feline eyes, great twin pools of turquoise flecked with gold.289In his frustration Matthias swung the spike at the lock. It bounced off, lodging deep between the hasp and the woodwork. He grunted in exasperation, pulling it savagely towards himself to loosen it. Taken off balance, he went head over tail. The hasp had broken; it came away bringing with it some twisted rusty screws. The door swung open.

There were one or two insect-sting casualties to be treated at the Abbey In6rmary. Fortunately, Brother Rufus had a specific compound that he had invented some years back to deal with such emergencies as summer stings."Yes, and so would Sam if he weren't fast asleep in bed," Cornflower replied. "Look, you and Mrs. Vole start serving along by the gatehouse. Keep your heads low and be careful. I'll start up here at the corner and see you back at the kitchen later."Before the rat could reply, she had vanished from sight.The Council began questioning them.They packed around him, creating an angry hubbub in their deep rough tones. All of them wore colored headbands, all carried short, rapier-like swords. Guosim had difficulty in calling them to order.

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"Dead!" Matthias replied. "Were all the horde slain? Did we take no prisoners at all?""You know, old one, I can't help thinking that a victory would be assured if only we had the Warrior's sword," Matthias said."Pretty much what you'd expect," Matthias replied. "Either she, or the leader King Bull Sparra, is going to kill me. Evidently she looks on anything that can't By as an enemy."

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Countless times, Harry had been on the point of unlocking Hedwig's cage by magic and sendingMethuselah shook his head. "I'm too old. I can't climb up to the roof where they nest. Besides, the sparrows are odd birds, forever quarreling and chattering on in their strange voices. They are warlike creatures, extremely forgetful and completely savage. They'd throw you from the roof and kill you before you had a chance to get near their tribal nests. Yes, I'm far too old for that son of thing, Matthias, and anyhow, I'm not too sure that die sparrowhawk's story was true. Some birds can be dreadful liars when they have a mind to be."


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One thing Matthias was certain of as he strode swiftly through the trees: it would be he and he alone who faced Cluny the Scourge at the bitter end.The old gatehouse-keeper choked, spluttering ale over his habit. "Good grief! I never looked at it that way. Very good, young one. Maybe the answer is in the next two lines. What do they say?"with himself. Not sure whether the remarks were addressed to him, he stopped.The old mouse winked at Matthias gleefully as he adjusted his glasses. "Listen to this: 'On the west wall will be situated a main gate so that creatures may come and go, obtaining entrance to or exit from the Abbey of Redwall. This entrance will be guarded both night and day, for it is the main gatehouse, and as such is the very threshold of our Abbey.'"There was immediate shouting and gruff oaths. Matthias knew the drill; it was surprising how the stone-holder could gain quiet among such a noisy, quarrelsome gathering. Matthias continued, "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we at Redwall are under attack by Cluny and his horde. Evidently you have heard his name before. Well, I believe that I have the solution to Cluny. It is an ancient sword that once belonged to a great mouse named Martin the Warrior. To find the sword I must ask Captain Snow the whereabouts of Asmodeus."

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-a moment to ease his neck.

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Matthias scaled the packed straw. He stood on top and looked about. Nothing. He ventured forwards, and suddenlythought of their inevitable fate. He was making them wait, drawing out the tension, reveling in their misery, savoring his evil victory.The shrew pointed out along the flank that Guosim headed. "I don't know, mouse. You'd better come and see for yourself. I'll go and get Log-a-Log."

Matthias staggered weakly into his room - but the moment he closed the door he became a different mouse. With bright eager eyes he groped under his bed and brought forth the waist pouch that had belonged to Shadow. Tucking the long dagger into his belt, he wrapped the climbing rope around his shoulder and said aloud to himself, "Right, Cluny, you and I have a score to settle."

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