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"How far to this tree?" Cluny asked.The rats were satisfied that both foxes were dead, and if they were not, well, who was going to climb down through all of those stinging nettles into the slippery ooze to find out? They hurled clods of earth at the prone forms in the ditch and stood watching them for a time. When flies began to gather on the foxes, the rodents lost interest and wandered off,'Look for the sword In moonlight streaming forth, At night, when day's first hour Reflects the north.'"whiskers: apples, pears, quince, plums, damsons, even a vine of wild grape on the warm red stone of a south-facing wall. Old Mother Nature's blessing lay upon a haven of warm friendliness.Matthias scaled the packed straw. He stood on top and looked about. Nothing. He ventured forwards, and suddenlyThe cat sniffed distantly. "Yes, at least you seem to have some sort of decent upbringing, Matthias of Red wall. I accept your apology. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Squire Julian Gingivere."Constance had mounted the far steps. Gaining the ramparts, she ran along, dodging the heaps of rubble. She saw Matthias go down under the onslaught of kicks and ran even faster, impeded by mice all around who scattered in panic, thinking they were under mass invasion. The only one besides Constance who had the sense to see what was happening was Cornflower's father. Being nearer the top of the stairs than the badger, he ran straight into the intruder. Shadow was struggling to get out his climbing rope.

They packed around him, creating an angry hubbub in their deep rough tones. All of them wore colored headbands, all carried short, rapier-like swords. Guosim had difficulty in calling them to order.286Frogblood and Scumnose were next to report.I up."

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"Matthias mouse! Old wormfiriend! Big fat warrior now! How are you?"The lower wall with its arched sandstone window frames held no difficulties for the tough squirrel. She climbed with speed and alacrity. Lifting herself over the gutter with a neat flick of her bushy tail, Jess clattered across to a small slate side roof. She was temporarily lost to view at the start of the second stage. As she came into sight again, the watchers below could not help but notice that the climb was more difficult, progress was slower.

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Finally convinced, Matthias sat among the ferns with his allies. It was not wasted time: they held a council of war.

The air was chilly but dry. Deeper and deeper the two friends went until the steps ended at the beginning of a downward-winding corridor. It had been neatly dug and shored up with wooden supports. Matthias suppressed a shudder. How long had it been since any creature trod this silent musty passage? He brushed away cobwebs which disintegrated at the touch of a paw. Methuselah held on to his habit. Now they turned left, now right, then another left turn, left again, then right. Methuselah's voice sounded hollow and eerie. "The passage was probably dug like this to give it extra strength. Have you noticed, Matthias? We seem to be going downwards still."

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me"Oh yes, the tunnel! Well, carry on. Er, you know what to do. I've got things to think about," he muttered absently.241

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Matthias staggered weakly into his room - but the moment he closed the door he became a different mouse. With bright eager eyes he groped under his bed and brought forth the waist pouch that had belonged to Shadow. Tucking the long dagger into his belt, he wrapped the climbing rope around his shoulder and said aloud to himself, "Right, Cluny, you and I have a score to settle."

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The shimmering heat waves from the road reverberated to the shouts of the horde: "Cluny, Cluny, kill, kill, kill!"320"Because the adder has something that belongs to our Abbey, an ancient sword, sir," Matthias replied.

"Except me."

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