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"Who knows, my friend? Maybe the sword does possess some magic. Personally, 1 think it's the warrior who wields it.""I'd say about here. Would you agree?""How good is the word of a sparrow?" he asked.Then away she went, paw over paw, up the massive Abbey face.Bull Sparra's mad bright eyes glanced upwards to the weather vane. There was the accursed mouseworm, waving and shouting with the sword case and belt slung about him. He saw it all now. He had been tricked, duped!With that Basil closed his eyes. He was soon snoring gently. Matthias realized there was no more to be said, so he decided to nave a rest too. Basil Stag Hare: what an amazing old campaigner, the young mouse thought, as he drifted offto sleep.Reflects the North.

But Sela the fox would!165"Kill her! Kill the dirty little swindler!" Cluny's cry rang out. But before a spear or a missile could be thrown, Jess had gone. She darted from tree to tree with artistic speed. Far above Mossfiower ground in the upmost terraces of foliage, the champion squirrel turned her flight in the direction of Redwall Abbey.Cluny continued, "You see, I knew the badger and her friends were planning to kill me, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone: fool them, and save myself the trouble of having to execute Cheesethief. In fact I let the Redwall crowd do the dirty work for me. I didn't want any of my loyal soldiers put to any trouble. I gave the traitor enough rope and let our enemies hang him!"249

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Cluny climbed on to the plank and tested it. The improvised bridge wobbled and sprang a bit, but it held.^on the table.332

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"Are you sure?" said Matthias in astonishment.The young mouse lay back upon the crisp white pillows. Aside from a bursting headache and the pain in his shoulder it felt good to be alive.

The mouseworm's belt!

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He flicked swiftly through the dusty pages of the aged volume. "Let's see: 'Gardens,' 'Cloisters,' 'Belltowers' . . . ah, here it is, 'The Great Wall and its Gates'."John Churchmouse (Recorder, formerly of St. Ninian's) Here ends the story.A black moth on a moonless night would not have escaped Shadow's notice. He needed no lamp to scrutinize the thing before him. So this was the picture of the warrior mouse that Cluny lusted after. Using his razor-sharp fangs he began gnawing into the ancient tapestry, working from the tasseled hem upwards."It's got to be here somewhere," cried Matthias. He fell upon die injured Shadow, searching his waist pouch."And that's when well strike!"

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The rats tried to circle Matthias. One got too near. A hefty

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The matter was solved when Matthias tripped upon a tree root and went sprawling flat. His two friends pinned him down and held on while they tried to talk sense to him.After Cheesethiefs carcass had been disposed of, Cluny sat beneath an awning that had been improvised from the damaged tent. He watched the armorer diligently repairing his prized war gear and fumed inwardly. His equipment had been battered - and he had lost a valuable Captain. The Redwall338


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