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Ferret archers at the edge of the meadow found the range of Basil's bowmice. Several were felled before Jess Squirrel and Winifred, along with some crack otter slingers, sent down a barrage so swift and accurate that it decimated the ferrets within minutes.Matthias landed on the floor of his bedroom. Sheets were tangled about his body. Slowly he sat up and rubbed his eyes. What a strange dream: the long hall, the plea for help, the armored mouse. . . ."Even the biros have stopped singing," Constance said quietly.128Matthias closed his eyes. His heart seemed to stop as he dropped. The rope went taut and he came to a sudden halt. The boisterous wind buffeted him about like a feather. Gritting his teeth, he began pulling himself up, paw over paw, not being able to reach the wall for help as the rope was held outwards by the projecting gutter dangling him out in space.

Matthias rapped out a curt command, "Leave us, mice. Go back to your duties on the wall."When Matthias arrived at the wall he felt like patting the old red sandstone. He turned to his companion. "This is where I live.""Coming up right away. Chief," called Cheesethief as he trotted off to find where the ram-carriers had got to.

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"Allow me, ma'am. Why yes, as a matter of fact I did. Nothing like a fresh pot of mint tea after some good healthy exercise, what, what?"pelled, the snake's tongue flickered out, repeating the vile name: "Asmodeussssssssssss!"

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" 'The same as the steps 'twixt the Hall, Remember and look to the center. My password again is Redwall, Am that is, you alone are to enter." "

There was real peril negotiating the curve at the top of the arch. Hanging tightly to the spikes he had fixed, Matthias leaned out dangerously. There was nothing but determination and the strength in his paws to stop him from plunging down to a frightening death. Gritting his teeth, he made it to the apex of the arch. He reached over the stone ledge which divided the arch from the stained-glass windows above and, taking a firm grip, propelled himself upwards and sideways. His legs landed further along the ledge. With his cheek resting on the stone, he gave one last heave and rolled on to the safety of the ledge.

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I - am that is,"Scumnose, Mangefiir! Bring up those dormice prisoners!"

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"You filthy murdering scum!" shouted Jess. "You rotten loathsome slime! !f you come near my family, I'll rip that evil eye of yours right out of your face!"

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