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Matthias stood a safe distance away from the tree. Captain Snow shifted from one foot to the other, muttering huffily, *'Me, in the wrong? Never. I won't apologize to that cat! I refuse to!""Shadow, is that you?"Constance grunted in agreement, not wishing to disillusion her trusting old friend. Deep within her she knew a dark shadow was casting itself over the Abbey. Furthermore, it was happening in the present, not in bygone days of fabled deeds.When they were sufficiently recovered to start again, Matthias tried the sandstone center rib of the window. It was carved into a profusion of curlicues and niches which made the climb considerably easier. Soon they reached the wooden ridge at the bottom of the roof curvature. It was perilously narrow. Together they edged along it, their backs bent unsafely forward with the curve of the ceiling behind.Log-a-Log spoke urgently to the shrews. "Quick, get the regiment ready as fast as you can. We're off to the Abbey at Redwall. Tell them to catch us up. I want no argument or votes! Tell every shrew to be fully armed. We must march night and day if we are to save Matthias's friends."Redtooth leaned upon his spear. "Shouldn't take much longer now, Chief. I've ordered some of them to get a good blaze going so that the trunk can be fired and hardened."The Quest

"Please, Matthias, you must help me quickly!"

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Matthias drained the last of the milk from his bowl, wiping cream from his whiskers with the back of a paw. "Give me

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Shortly after there was a huge fire burning in the ditch. The horde gathered close by to see what Cluny was up to. The crackling flames gave off waves of heat, causing everyone to step back. Above the ditch the air shimmered and danced.Cluny the Scourge bared his fangs, grinning wickedly into the dark. He had finally brought his horde into Redwall!Asmodeus was working his body free, pushing forward.

Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole.

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