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"I was there. Shadow sees all.""By golly, you're right, Basil! That's exactly what my old friend would have wanted! I'm sorry. You must think I've behaved like a dreadful young fool."Cluny bellowed with rage. His followers came surging across the common to aid him. Basil leaped to his feet and hobbled gamely in front of Cluny, shielding Jess. The squirrel raced about trying to distract Cluny."Here you are, yer honor, the lovely thing itself, safe and sound."Thump!

Under the impatient eye of the Warlord, Cluny's horde gulped down a hasty meal and scurried about picking up weapons. Suitably geared for battle, they quickly fell into ranks."What in the name of goodness are you up to now?"347

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"Or sparrows," giggled the hedgehog.

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They locked in combat again. Cluny barred the railing across the sword blade. Pushing with both claws he drove Matthias backwards. Now he could see victory in sight. If only he could pin the warrior mouse against the wall, heThe going was painfully slow, but Chickenhound consoled himself on the long journey by boosting his own ego. "Maybe a silly bunch of rats could put one over on Sela. Huh, she was old and had lost a lot of her, guile. Not like me! They hadn't reckoned with a smart intelligent young fox like I am. I'll show them! Revenge will be mine! They'll see what it's like to be up against an expert in espionage."The two mice joined her. Hardly had Matthias sat down when he leaped up again.Constance stood on the parapet overlooking the road. Dawn was breaking behind her, in the east. However, more important things troubled the badger's mind. The Abbot came bustling up with Basil limping in the rear. Both creatures looked extremely concerned.

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Cluny nodded understandingly. "I see. You just wanted to help with the digging, is that it?"

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Ireams or blight your ambitions, my friend, but I must say"Hang him by the tail."16

"Good, good," said Cluny. "Anything else to report?"

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