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Jess Squirrel knocked the rat flat with both her feet. She sank her teeth into the bully's back. A pack of rats leaped upon Jess. They dragged her off their screaming companion and beat at her with their spear butts and cutlass handles.The rest of Matthias's words were drowned out by the hysterical screeching laughter of the owl, who nearly fell from his perch with merriment. He blinked tears from his huge eyes."I was thinking,'.' Matthias mused. "Do you suppose we could all hide somewhere? That way we might see Asmodeus return and track him to his lair."Abbot Mortimer whispered in Friar Hugo's ear, "Friar, I want you to pack up a large sack with food, hazelnuts, cheese, bread, cakes, anything you see fit. Give it to Mrs. Churchmouse, as secretly as you can without attracting attention. Poverty is an ugly specter when a mousewife has as many mouths to feed as she does. Oh, and be sure that her husband doesn't suspect what you are doing. John Church-mouse may be poor but he is also proud. I fear he might not accept charitable gifts."

Cluny slapped his thigh and burst out laughing. The horde joined him, falling about with merriment at their Chiefs black joke. What a cunning idea! There was no doubt about it, the Scourge didn't miss a single trick.A loud, jolly cry went up as three otters in clown costumes came bounding in. Such acrobatics! They tumbled, balanced and gyrated, cavorting comically across the laden tabletops without upsetting as much as a single sultana. They ended up hanging from the rafters by a strand of ivy, to wild applause.Killconey had a word with Cluny and was immediately sent down to supervise the operation. The garrulous ferret showed the rats that he possessed a sound knowledge of the principles of fulcrum and leverage. He rigged a block and tackle to supplement a dead tree limb that they were using as a lever. Ignoring wheels and axles he roped the cart to the block. With all the rats, and a great deal of luck, he managed to lift the hay cart until it was halfway out of the ditch. Further pressure on the lever sent the hay cart past its own point of balance. The block and tackle parted under the strain, sending the ferret and the rats on the level shooting down into the ditch. By mistake it did the trick. With a crash the cart landed upright in the road.

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Those Abbey mice were going to pay with blood for what they had done to Cluny the Scourge.CLANG!!!Matthias and Cluny continued battling savagely. Iron smashed upon steel as Cluny called up reserves from his vast strength and cunning to defeat his opponent. Twice he had hurled clawfuls of soil at Matthias's eyes, but each rime the shield rose swiftly and deflected them. The Warrior Mouse

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The older shrew (whose name was Log-a-Log) took the pebble from Matthias and addressed the others. "Right, comrades. Now we know a bit more about things, let's have a show of paws. All those in favor of letting the mouse go free."

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While they were defending the gate, he would be tunneling under the south-western corner of the Abbey Wall!Chickenhound shouldered his sack and turned his attentions to the kitchen. He booted the door open and walked straight in, slap bang into Friar Hugo. The fat old mouse was bowledUnexpectedly Bull Sparra's mood changed for the worse. He crumpled the empty dock-leaf packet and hurled it into Matthias's face.

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Obediently the badger raised the Abbot's head.

An icy claw of fear gripped Matthias's stomach. He sat down hard in the grass.

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