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Sela licked her lips. She tried to look kindly but earnest. "Actually I was going back to my den to replenish my stock of herbs, that's if you wish me to treat your leader properly, of course."All the sparrows laughed loud and long, vying with each other to show the most merriment. The King was a completely unpredictable tyrant. When he made a joke it wasMice and woodlanders sat about on the stone floor of Great Hall, each creature with its own sorrowful thoughts.Matthias's show of pathos seemed to cheer the King. He tucked his wingtips into the belt that he had fooled the mouseworm into giving him. Ha, he had eaten all the mouse's nuts too! Feeling no end of a fine bird, he gave a sharp whistle that brought his two warriors on the double.An anguished moan arose from the dormice lying in the ditch. Cluny cracked his tail."Ah, Brother Fangburn, let me explain. I will tell you why it is that you and all your kind will forever remain servants, while I shall always be the master. Did you not see the faces of those mice today? The mere mention of Martin the Warrior sends them into ecstasies. Don't you see, he is their symbol. His name means the same to those mice as mine does to the horde: in a different way maybe. Martin is some sort of angel; I'm the opposite. Think for a moment. If anything were to happen to me, you'd all be a leaderless rabble, a headless mob. So, if the mice were to lose their most precious omen, the picture of Martin, where would that leave them?"

Bull Sparra pecked nut morsels from his feathers, his eyes"Left wheel! I said left wheel, you buffoons. You there, don't you know the difference between your left and your right? Hold out your left paw."Still moving quickly, and panting for breath, the young mouse gasped, "Matthias mouse, Warrior of Redwall Abbey. The medal belongs to my friend Basil Stag Hare. He sends his compliments, Cap'n, sir."Matthias pushed him roughly forward. "They'll get you too, if you don't hurry! Move yourself, vole. You'll be no good to your family as a prisoner again."

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"Coming up right away. Chief," called Cheesethief as he trotted off to find where the ram-carriers had got to.The shield was a plain round steel thing of the type carried by the warriors of old. The years had not dulled its highly-burnished front. At its center was a letter M.

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The rafters of Cavern Hole rang to the excited buzz and laughter of the assembled creatures: hedgehogs, moles, squirrels, woodland creatures and mice of all kinds - fieldmice, hedgemice, dormice, even a family of poor little churchmice. Kindly helpers scurried about making everybody welcome.

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Killconey performed one of her most elaborate salutes. "The tunnel is goin' very well, yer honor."It was fifteen minutes before one o'clock in the morning. Three figures crossed the Abbey gardens as the moon broke from behind a drifting cloudbank. The nearby pond was bathed in a silver sheen, parts of the sandstone wall reflecting back a wavery bluish light. Constance and Methuselah carried lanterns; Matthias bore the warrior's shield upon his arm. They ascended the wall steps in single file, acknowledging the murmured good wishes of those on sentry duty.Take on my mighty role.'""He says he can cope adequately without either of us," said Methuselah."Get them," Cluny said hoarsely. "Find the foxes and bring them here to me."

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Matthias was suddenly back on the track again. He counted along the moons, stopping at the sixth one.

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Remembering who it was that he had spoken to in this

"Well, I am a bit hungry, now you come*to mention it."

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