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"Sounds all mixed up to me," Matthias grumbled.

Questions raced through Matthias's brain as he fought his way through the undergrowth. Taking a check on his bearings, he began to worry a little. The Abbey walls should be in sight over towards the north-west. Perhaps he hadn't fully realized the sprawling size of the woodlands. Yes, that was it. Maybe if he kept on trekking the walls would soon come into view.Methuselah's curiosity was aroused. "And what has she been saying to you, this, er, Warbeak?"

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Constance bravely stood her ground on the parapet, as did her small band of picked fighters. Whenever one of the missiles landed intact on the rubble pile, she would seize it, standing in fall view as she whirled the corded iron round and round, releasing it in a blur of speed. Constance was a far more powerful and accurate thrower than any rat. The attackers bared angry fangs at her from the cover of the ditch -of all the Redwall defenders the big badger was the one they most hated and feared.165

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"Yurr on'y gotten biddy short legs, us moles do, oi takes it you'm gennelmice needin' our 'elp agin."

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Sela attempted to save the situation. "Please, sir, take no notice of the young fool. All he meant was that when you said dig?

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summer, even though Ron had said he was going to ask Harry to come and stay.

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