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Constance coughed and spluttered upon a candied chestnut. She roared with laughter. "Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, I wouldn't attempt it if I were you, Matthias. He's liable to beat you hollow in his present mood."Matthias cut a comical little figure as he wobbled his way along the cloisters, with his large sandals flip-flopping and his tail peeping from beneath the baggy folds of an oversized novice's habit. He paused to gaze upwards at the cloudless blue sky and tripped over the enormous sandals. Hazelnuts scattered out upon the grass from the rush basket he was carrying. Unable to stop, he went tumbling cowl over tail.Cluny climbed across and sat next to Scragg. He spoke in a whisper. "Good thinking, weasel. Yes, this branch'll do fine. Stick by me, Scragg. You're a useful soldier. With some of the blockheads I've got around me I could be on the lookout for a new captain soon. You know what that means: extra loot, a bigger share of the plunder. Cluny always rewards initiative, Scragg. Play your cards right and you'll soon get promotion.""How far to this tree?" Cluny asked.King Bull Sparra was not a bird to be trifled with. He noticed the young mouse's evident interest in his surroundings and quickly diverted his attention with a- savage kick at the helpless figure."You filthy murdering scum!" shouted Jess. "You rotten loathsome slime! !f you come near my family, I'll rip that evil eye of yours right out of your face!"now . . .

Killconey cocked a claw over her shoulder. "Sure, they're all outside, your worship. Shall I go and fetch them?"350The stretcher bearers moved off slowly through the woods. Cheesethief avoided Cluny's eye. An idea was taking form in his mind. He sniffed piteously, wiping an imaginary tear from his cheek."Except me."? At the top of a small rise Matthias dropped into a crouch. :f Signaling sveryone to do likewise, he pointed downwards. ? "Look, Log-a-Log! There!"

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Softly rustling, deceptive as the speckled shadows, the huge adder roamed his domain. Patience and stealth were acquired by long experience. Sometimes the serpent would He totally inert, awaiting the unsuspecting paw that trod too close. Other times it would raise itself, uncoiling to look into bushes for eggs and birds on the nest. Some nights it was lean hunting. "Many creatures sensed the approach of the slithering evil, or scented its dry, musty, deathlike odor. The snake had often gone hungry at times like these. But patience and stealth, patience and stealth; a lesson soon learned is a meal soon earned. At the foot of the sycamore the adder stretched itself alongside the still form of Redtooth. Well, an unexpected bonus! This was another rat that could not scurry off. No expenditure of venom or hypnosis needed. How fortunate! The huge reptile coiled itself languorously around the dead rodent.195Cluny had supplied him with a habit taken from the body of one who had fallen slain from the ramparts. Plumpen had concealed himself in the ditch and traveled under cover until he was level with the gatehouse. At the appropriate moment he slipped out with a plank upon his shoulder and joined the work force. They toiled away industriously until Jess Squirrel, who was acting as overseer, decided that the work was completed, as indeed it was. The old gatehouse door looked as good as new. All the tools and spare timber were gathered up and the roadway was swept. Satisfied with a job well done, the work crews stacked up their materials, and were hauled up to the ramparts in the large grain baskets. Plumpen sat between Brother Alf and Brother Rufus. Across the meadow he could see Cluny, watching, always watching.

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The old mouse shook his head modestly. "Oh, dear me, no. I like to think of myself as an aged but extremely erudite scholar."own kind.

The shrew pointed out along the flank that Guosim headed. "I don't know, mouse. You'd better come and see for yourself. I'll go and get Log-a-Log."

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They were on the move again. Cluny was getting nearer.Amid the riot of jubilation Matthias watched. The weather vane moved slightly, indicating that Jess, actually out upon the north pointer, must be trying to retrieve the sword."Martin, why do you stop me from getting the sword?" he asked.Sela was never stuck for a ready answer. "No no, I'm afraid that's useless, sir. He's too young and inexperienced. Chickenhound wouldn't know where to start looking."Matthias staggered weakly into his room - but the moment he closed the door he became a different mouse. With bright eager eyes he groped under his bed and brought forth the waist pouch that had belonged to Shadow. Tucking the long dagger into his belt, he wrapped the climbing rope around his shoulder and said aloud to himself, "Right, Cluny, you and I have a score to settle."

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Cautiously, his captains watched the Warlord. Cluny 's long tail swished restlessly, the single eye stared at a carved eagle holding the rotting lectern on its outspread wings. What thoughts occupied the dark devious mind of Cluny the Scourge? Finally he looked up and spoke.It was only the timely intervention of Abbot Mortimer that saved Redtooth's life. ."Constance, would you please let the rat up? Much as IMaddened by his own berserk rage, Bull Sparra flew straight upwards. When he was high above the young mouse, he dropped like a stone, right on target.

"Surely you don't mean Basil Stag Hare?" cried Constance. "Well, I never! Is that old eccentric still bobbing around? I expect we'll see him turn up with the Vole family around about lunch-time. I never knew Basil to miss the chance of,a free lunch back in the old days."

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