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Matthias felt he had found an ally. "You mean you would fight?""Go and get Shadow. Bring him here to me. ""Come on down, mouse, Cluny the Scourge is waiting for you," he cried.Redtooth got over his surprise quickly. Seeing the badger unarmed, he swished his cutlass through the air and smiled -menacingly.

Look for the swordItem seven: In which direction? To the north. * They sat in silence, digesting the facts on the list. Then .Matthias spoke: "Suppose we look to the north."

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24The assembled creatures passed on a vote of thanks to Matthias for his resourcefulness and bravery. Matthias blushed. Then he sat listening intently while those who had taken part in the battle recounted all they could remember. In the aftermath of that memorable conflict there was much speculation as to what the future held.The old gatehouse-keeper gave him a neatly-drawn map. "You'll find it all marked down there, Matthias. That door leads to a loft. Turn to your right and keep walking until you

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"About four summers ago I treated a sparrowhawk who had pulled a sinew in her foot. She could not use her talons properly. Hmm, as I remember, I made her promise never

Captain Snow paced around the base of his nest tree. He glared at the cat, then at the mouse holding the sword. He snorted, hunching his neck into ruffles and folding his wings behind him.

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The frightened rat stuck out what he fervently hoped was his left paw.

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Dawn revealed a sadly-disorganized horde. Cluny wisely held back his temper. Many of his soldiers looked so demoralized that they were liable to make a run for it and desert. He reasoned that there was little to be gained by adding insult to injury. Seven rats, two ferrets and a stoat lay dead in the ditch. Unable to escape the main body of hornets, they had been stung so many times it had proved fatal.

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"Is that all!" said Log-a-Log heatedly. "Then why don't you show him the snake tracks in the mud there? Or didn't you notice them? Asmodeus passed through here not four hours ago. He's probably gone hunting in Mossflower Wood. It's a mercy we didn't bump into him. He might come back this way before the day is through."

"That one will be this month, June! When is the full moon due in June, Constance?"

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