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"What in hell, more like."Brother Methuselah was busy with a small brush and a pot of black ink. As he brushed the dust of ages from each letter on the wall, he filled it in with ink. This would make it easier to read the message that had been graven underneath the tapestry.The skillful creature dodged a rat, spun round and landed a fierce double-footed kick to its stomach. The rat bowled over, completely winded, all the fight knocked out of its body. Basil chuckled. "Sorry about that, Matthias, my old lad. When these chaps gave up chasing me, I scooted back to my den. Spring cleaning, y'know. A bit late, but I'm only a bachelor in single quarters, what!"Reluctantly Julian stalked out into the sunlight with Matthias. There was an immediate spate of loud, frightened chatter from the regiment of Guerrilla Shrews. Squire Julian Gingivere merely nodded, and addressed them in a regal but distant manner: "Good afternoon. Very clement weather for the time of year, don't you think?"73"Murderer! Oh, you barbarous creature! You have killed Brother Methuselah!"

80wounds. No doubt he'll want to know who it was stopped"Oh, Majesty, that good belt. Make King look fine, like mighty warrior. Not look so good on mouse."same time. Abbot Mortimer sighed and shook his head at Matthias. The badger was more voluble.Killconey stepped smartly forward. "Ah, the tunnels, yer honor. You're talkin' tt the very creature."

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Shaking with fury, Matthias allowed himself to be pulled back on to the chair. The Abbot turned to Cluny.Holding the sword lightly, he balanced its point against the earth and laughed freely. It was infectious: Log-a-Log joined in; then one Guerilla Shrew; then another, and still yet more, until the whole regiment and their warrior mouse friend set the countryside ringing from river to woods to farm and field with the happy sounds of their honest joy.

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IS8"A big fire? Right you are, Chief. I'll get them going right away."

strangely slanted, black without any brightness in them. The eyes of Shadow were like those of a dead thing.

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Ambrose Spike the hedgehog did his party piece. He amazed everyone with his feats of legerdemain. Eggs were taken from a squirrel's ear; a young mouse's tail stood up and danced like a snake; the incredible vanishing-shell trick was performed in front of a group of little harvest mice who kept squeaking, "He's got it hidden in his prickles."Chickenhound heaved the scroll with all his strength. He was gratified to see Constance lean out and catch it. Hopefully he called, "I'll wait right here for an answer.""Ragear! Mangefur! Take twenty rats and forage for supplies. The rest of you get inside the church. Redtooth, Dark-claw, check the armor. See if there are things about that we can use as weapons: iron spike railings - there's usually enough of them around a churchyard. Jump to it."At first, Warbeak had raved and threatened. Death was too good for Matthias! Warbeak was going to kill him twice, then cut him up and drop him from the top of a high tree for the worms to feed upon! Matthias had merely tugged the lead sharply and quickened his pace. When the savage young sparrow showed signs of good behavior, Matthias would feed her morsels of candied chestnut."Get up and run for it or stay there, fool. I don't carry cripples or bunglers."

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Methuselah was in a ferment of eagerness as he led his young friend over to the gatehouse.

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The young fieldmouse helped Matthias with the haversack straps. She tried not to let her concern for him show. "Matthias, I know you won't tell me where you are going, but wherever it is, please take care of yourself."Basil Stag Hare tut-tutted severely as he remarked to Ambrose Spike, "Teh, tch. Dreadful table manners. Just look at those three, kicking up a hullaballoo like that! Eating's a serious business. They haven't touched a bite of supper, y'know.""Me fly out on to roof. Hold other end of rope plenty tight. You swing out. No worry, me pullee up."


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