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Methuselah executed a little jig of delight. He patted the wall with his paw, shouting, "That's it! That's it! Why couldn't I see that? It's all mixed up, of course!"Cluny pursued doggedly, making no sudden moves, waiting for the hare to get overconfident so that he could strike. His soldiers moved about twenty paces behind the action. Cluny had warned them off- he wanted a one-to-one confrontation.

Methuselah took a sip of milk, pulled a wry face and reached for his October ale. "Ah, but, if we suppose that he is dead, then the words tell us we know nothing at all. So, let us assume that he is alive."

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Under the constant pounding of countless feet the whole area that had been marked out by the moles suddenly sank into a trench. The tunnel had collapsed.

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Matthias stepped out of hiding, rubbing his hands - it had been a strain holding the branch back for so long. Uncoiling Shadow's climbing rope, he bound Ragear paw and claw to a sturdy oak. The young mouse could not afford to wait around for the rat to regain his senses. There was still a deal of traveling to be done. He pressed onwards, leaving his senseless enemy bound to the tree.

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The crops are growing well. The fruit trees and bushes in the orchard show much promise. The old gatehouse is now a beautiful rambling cottage. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the honey sweeter than ever before. I willfrnish my writing now and go to prepare myself for tonight's festivities, which will be held in their usual place, at Cavern Hole in Redwall Abbey. Please be sure to visit us if ever you are passing.

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Methuselah pushed his porridge aside. "There are only two ways that you could help, my friend. One, by keeping silent. Two, by turning yourself into some creature that could climb all the way up to that roof. A bird, or a squirrel or something."Warbeak flew in from a lone wormhunt. She stood watching Matthias.

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