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?mother. I will not rest until justice is done to her murderers." The Abbot patted the young fox's paw. "Thank you for entrusting your confidence in us, young one. Close your eyes now, and try to get some rest."Respectfully the ranks opened to allow Matthias and his companions through. Constance knelt to cradle her old friend's head, and Matthias gently clasped the wrinkled careworn paw. The Abbot smiled fondly at his young mouse.In his den down the tunnel, Asmodeus came awake.

"He's coming!" Log-a-Log screamed in terror.

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Cluny slapped his thigh and burst out laughing. The horde joined him, falling about with merriment at their Chiefs black joke. What a cunning idea! There was no doubt about it, the Scourge didn't miss a single trick.

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At first Matthias could not be certain. He slitted his eyes and looked hard. A small dark blob was definitely making its way up. He waited with bated breath as it came nearer.The f皒 stared down at the pitiful crumpled figure. He had not meant to hit him so hard.Dunwing waved impatiently. "That next part of plan. Pretty soon Warbeak come back. She tell what time squirrel meet you, good. Then Dunwing whisper big lie fib to other Sparra. It soon spread."

The older shrew (whose name was Log-a-Log) took the pebble from Matthias and addressed the others. "Right, comrades. Now we know a bit more about things, let's have a show of paws. All those in favor of letting the mouse go free."

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