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A veritable avalanche of earth and rocks cascaded over the parapet. It smashed straight on to the main ladder. Rats screamed aloud and grasped at midair as they were swept from the ladder to the road below. The ladder fell sideways, cannoning into another one that had been set up beside it. As both ladders fell there were scenes of mass chaos. Badly wounded and shocked, the survivors on the roadway tried to crawl back to the safety of the ditch, only to be buried beneath rubble which thundered down on them. Many lay trapped"I say, old thing, where's this leader feller? Cluny, or Loony, whatever you call him."190Matthias hit the floor as the King shoved him fiercely in the back. "Mouse lie. King Bull not wormfool! Where you get? Tell, tell.""No time for mousedream! You hurry, quick!" Matthias paid full heed to Dunwing's plea. Sweeping the belt and scabbard up, he slung them across his shoulder. "I'm with you, Dunwing! What next?" The usual way for sparrows to leave the Court was to fly out from under the eaves. Not being a sparrow, Matthias felt his stomach turn a cartwheel at the prospect of what he must do next. He would have to go on his back under the eaves and, with nothing beneath him but a heart-stopping void of space, negotiate his way out and around the curving gutter to reach the steep upward sweep of the roof.Sela jumped in hastily. "Er, er, he walked into a big thorn tree, didn't you, Fangburn?"Cluny pointed at the hare. "Remember your tricks on the common behind the church? Before this day is done you'll never run and dodge again!"

The two friends thankfully accepted food from Cornflower and her helpers. Both watched, mystified as Winifred the otter and Foremole hoisted and pulled a seesaw into view.Redtooth got no further. Unable to contain himself, Matthias sent his staff ripping through the middle of the articles. As the torn document fluttered to the floor, Redtooth launched himself at Matthias with a snarl.Fangbum was, to say the least, surprised. Cluny clapped him heartily on the back and led him across to where the rest of the horde waited apprehensively. Cluny laughed aloud to put them at their ease. He winked his eye roguishly."Well, well. It's the friend of the mice! So, we meet again, badger!"185

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it, Poisonteeth."Sela's head bobbed vigorously. "Of course, sir. What reason would I have to play you false? I'm looking forward to a good share of plunder, once I've healed you and Redwall is conquered.""Did your friends the rats do this?"

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283From above, it resembled some fabulous dusky jewel, fallen between a green mantle of light silk and dark velvet. The first mice had built the Abbey of red sandstone quarried from pits many miles away in the north-east. The Abbey building was covered across its south face by that type of ivy known as Virginia creeper. The onset of autumn would turn the leaves into a cape of fiery hue, thus adding further glory to the name and legend of Redwall Abbey.

"It's tomorrow night," came the prompt reply. "Why, is something supposed to happen then? Some magic or a miracle?"

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Instinctively, the terrified fox looked wildly about for a place to hide. Running was out of the question in his present state of panic. It was as if some dark force had heard his silent plea. Not ten yards from where he stood was the ideal refuge, a hollow in the base of a dead oak. There was a space between two thick roots, partially covered by ferns. Chickenhound slung the sack down the hole and dived in after it.159Methuselah took a sip from Matthias's milk bowl. "Sometimes I think you have a very old head for such a young mouse. What more do you wish to know about Martin the Warrior?"Constance pushed her way through to the limp sodden ;, figure. The Abbot and Cornflower were close behind her.Cluny remained silent. He stood insolently watching Cornflower set the table in Cavern Hole. A pretty one indeed!

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Methuselah rapped the table with a bony paw. "Of course I would. It's the only sensible course to take."

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Behind the Friar's back Basil and Sam almost choked with laughter in the middle of an apple cream pudding.112Swish. Crack!

Methuselah pursed his lips in annoyance. "You know, Matthias, for a mouse that claims affinity with Martin the Warrior, you can be singularly foolish sometimes."

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