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The Abbot indicated chairs. They all sat except Cluny, who lounged against the table using the chair as a footstool. He glared at Redtooth until he stood and waited alongside his Chief. Idly Cluny picked up a bowl of honeyed milk and sampled it.

"Quiet, fool, "said Cluny. "I think I hear the others coming back. Now straighten yourselves up, and not a word to anyone about this serpent thing, or you'll feel my serpent across your backs." Cluny's long tail waved menacingly under their noses. They took his point.They continued gossiping until Dunwing returned. After a decent interval the young mouse spoke to her, "You go to King's room all lotta time." Dunwing nodded.

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*!?After several exhausting minutes it became apparent that neither the rats nor the dozen or so panting ferrets, weasels and stoats who had joined the chase on Cluny's orders, were remotely close to apprehending the strange hare.As complete darkness descended, a shrew sneaked up through the grass and tapped Matthias's shoulder.

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As he shouted madly, the sparrow pulled at the belt. Matthias knew he was facing death with the insane ruler in one of his lunatic rages. He must think fast.

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"I know that, squirrel," Cluny answered. "But just think for a moment. If I win the war against the mice - and I will, you know - I've made a vow to kill everyone inside Redwall. Now suppose that you've got someone dear to you in there; you know what I mean: a mate, a little baby, some family?An expectant hush descended upon the union members of the Guerrilla Shrews of Mossflower. Matthias found it hard to keep the contempt out of his voice. "I found Captain Snow. Actually I was led to him by Squire Julian Gingivere. Does that name ring any bells?*'

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Smiling sheepishly, Basil and Ambrose shook paws. Winifred the otter pounded the stones of the parapet in frustration.

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Bracing himself against a stone arch, Matthias pulled the sparrow back to safety. Together they sat on the ledge sharing a canteen of water, both weary and dusty. Matthias was still wary of his prisoner.Matthias lifted the ancient sword down. Reverently he placed both paws around the handle. Tighter and tighter he gripped it until the point lifted from the floor and the bright blade stood out level in front of him. He sensed how Martin must have felt eac.h time he had held this beautiful weapon. Hie young mouse knew that he had been born for this moment, his grip causing the tremor of the steel to run through his entire body. It was part of him!

Matthias gave the loft door a strong shove upwards and slid it to one side. He covered his eyes and coughed as the dust of ages poured down upon his head.

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