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"Don't look so surprised, young one. Your face is an open book to one of my years."not harm a mouse who wears the habit of our Order. They know he or she is one who will heal and give aid. It is an unwritten law that Redwall mice can go anywhere, through any territory, and pass unharmed. At all times we must live up to this. It is our way, bur very life."Cheesethief shook his head. "No, Chief, it was further out into the woods. Look what 1 found wrapped around the trunk.""I'm like an old bad penny, I always come back," Matthias whispered.i. Dunwing had guessed that Matthias had gone to the King's chamber for other reasons than to gain his freedom. This was/(is the Summer of the Talking Squirrel!"Enough to flood the Abbey pond. Father."

The hare disappeared momentarily. He reappeared next toSuddenly it became clear to Matthias. "Oh, I see," he cried, "'From o'er the threshold' means that we must stand on the wall directly above the gatehouse."The little squirrel shook his head. He pointed to the floor with his paw in a gesture that Matthias interpreted as "Stop here."The rats who had been attacking the gatehouse left off fighting and ran down the road to the fiery holocaust. Sparks crackled and shot off into the night sky. Cluny lashed out at all and sundry with his tail, foaming at the mouth and cursing wildly, his face a terrifying mask of insanity in the glare from the tower.Methuselah leaned forward indignantly. "Who said that? Did I?"

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190When Log-a-Log awoke from out of the trance he saw his friend Matthias the Warrior."5

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The door to Great Hall was not locked. Shadow judged that the latch was probably old and creaky. He took out the vial of oil and lubricated the latch and hinges. Carefully he inched the door ajar- apart from a tiny squeak it swung effortlessly open. Sliding inside, he released the door by mistake. A swift night breeze slammed it shut with a dull thud.Cluny pointed at the hare. "Remember your tricks on the common behind the church? Before this day is done you'll never run and dodge again!"

ced owlishly at them and yawned in their faces. .^ "Better be 'portant, Majesty no like to be woked," he grumbled.

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Having negotiated the ditch, they charged across the road. Once they had passed a certain point it created a difficult angle for the defenders on the wall to fire at them.again.""Stuff his whiskers down his ears.""Oh, they've still got their ears to the ground," Ambrose said gruffly. "Foremole says they've heard the odd echo, nothing definite though. South-west corner is where he thinks they might surface eventually."Hours later, within sight of the Abbey walls, Chicken-hound discovered a slope that was not too steep and started to pull himself up out of the ditch. He gasped and cried out in agony as he climbed. Using some creepers and an overhanging bush, the young fox finally made it to the road.

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The rubble scattered as Matthias dug away madly. "I think I've found what we're after! There's some sort of shape in the stone down here. Trouble is, there's too much rubbish on top of it. I think we need Foremole's help again."

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"Did your friends the rats do this?"Martin the Warrior. The mouse who pursued him through his nightmares. What did it mean?Without a word Matthias undid his novice's cord girdle. Handing it to Methuselah, he took down the sword belt and buckled it about his waist. The belt fitted as if it had been made for him. With great care he lifted the shield from the door and tried it on his arm. It had two grips, one below the elbow, the other for the paw to grasp. It felt oddly familiar to Matthias.

The young fox took off like a rocket. Fangburn leaned on his cutlass. "That's the way to deal with young uns."

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