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"Do you know of Asmodeus the giant adder, and where might I find him, sir?" Matthias called boldly.Redtooth was first to arrive. He came dashing through the bushes and halted at the sight of the unconscious fox among the ferns."I wish I'd brought some lanterns along with us," Fangburn whined.Basil stopped and ruminated for a moment. His ears lay flat, stood up, men pointed in opposite directions. He continued, "Now, when you've liberated your bit of tapestry or whatever, make straight back across the common. I'll be waiting, never fear. Good! Well, come on, young bucko. We can't sit about here all day like two fat rabbits at a celery chew. Up and at 'em! Quick's the word and sharp's the action! Nip about a bit, young un."Log-a-Log came out of his trance. Leaping quickly into the hole, he scratched the damp sandy grit left and right. Ducking beneath the tree root, he scrabbled awkwardly through into a tiny cell-like space on the other side.

"Matthias?"As Redtooth marched away, a voice hailed him from the wall. He turned and looked upwards. The torn articles - the parchment wrapped around a fistful of rotting vegetables -splattered in his face. Livid with rage he clawed the foul mess from his eyes and saw Constance leaning over the parapet with a wicked grin of delight on her striped muzzle.

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Abbot Mortimer pointed at the first rays of sun streaming in through the window. "Yes, but you are back now; and see, you've brought with you a magnificent June summer morning."The Abbot bowed once more, then retired for the night, leaving Matthias, Constance, Winifred, Foremole and Ambrose Spike.

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room. Constance and I can take the shield up to the threshold. You get a good night's sleep. We'll tell you all about it in the morning."Redtooth and four of the others might have set upon their leader and finished him off for good.

"Jess, up here! Look, I've got the scabbard!"

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Basil humphed through his military-style whiskers. "Good grief, doesn't bear thinkin' about, old girl! Those rats and vermin, an absolute shower of yahoos and cads! Bad influence, y'know.""Ah, Matthias, my son, here you are. Did you enjoy my Jubilee Feast?"No one noticed that there was an extra mouse laboring among the workers in the roadway.

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"I suppose it's sanctuary you want now?"

Outside upon the grass the woodland captives heard Cluny's crazed laughter ringing from the Abbey. They shivered at the

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