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Matthias passed a miserable few minutes in the nest with Warbeak. When the false news broke, the young sparrow would have to fly along with King Bull and the other Sparra warriors. The two friends might never see each other again."How many did we get?" he inquired."Get down, you nincompoops," Cluny hissed. "Don't try to outclimb a squirrel. See if you can keep her near the ground while I think what to do."Like all of her kind, Sela was a slippery character. What did she expect to gain from all this?"Look! The shield is reflecting the moonlight back into the sky!"325

228The young mouse backed away as the sparrow released the door. It banged down hard, flapping on its hinges.The Warlord looked up blankly."What baffles me," Winifred mused, "is where young Matthias has got to. It's not like him to miss the chance of a battle."Constance bravely stood her ground on the parapet, as did her small band of picked fighters. Whenever one of the missiles landed intact on the rubble pile, she would seize it, standing in fall view as she whirled the corded iron round and round, releasing it in a blur of speed. Constance was a far more powerful and accurate thrower than any rat. The attackers bared angry fangs at her from the cover of the ditch -of all the Redwall defenders the big badger was the one they most hated and feared.

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?:=: Someone give Cornflower a lantern. Good mouse, hold itobliged. I'll have to recruit him for my cudgel class! He shows promise."Reflects the North.

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Cluny grabbed Plumpen roughly, dragging him away from his fellow captives on the ground.

Matthias did a cartwheel. He whooped withjoy. "Methuselah, you're a magician, an ancient wizard."

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"Two pails of good, fine, slick vegetable oil," Jess announced. "The minute they drop the battering ram, we'll tip this down all over it. Let's see them try to break a door with it then!"Still dinging to the tapestry, Shadow wriggled like an eel. Turning over on to his back, he kicked savagely at the young mouse's head with a free foot. Matthias tried valiantly to hang on, but his larger and heavier opponent kicked him viciously in the face, again and again. The big bony foot with its sharp claws pounding and gouging away soon took its toll. Matthias went limp and blacked out."Greetings, oh mighty warrior," he giggled. "Savior of the shrews, slayer of Poisonteeth; he who speaks with cats, friendmaker of owls and uniter of?The King munched and chomped greedily on the sweet 玌t, eyeing the packet covetously. "Ha, mouseworm give King alia nuts. Majesty have great things on mind. Me thinka %out, hmmm, letta mouse go freehome."

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Methuselah's curiosity was aroused. "And what has she been saying to you, this, er, Warbeak?"

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"All comfy back there?" called Matthias. "Right, off we go, Constance."The loud toll of the distant Joseph Bell brought Cluny whirling back from the realms of nightmare to cold reality. He shivered, wiping the sweat from his fur with a shaky daw. Saved by the bell."Don't understand? I'll tell you what I don't understand, young chip. I don't understand how a chappie like yourself who is supposed to be a great warrior can lie there moping

"Oh, a couple of hundred," came the glib reply.

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