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Methuselah gave her a severe stare over the top of his glasses. "My dear Constance, kindly do not pour scorn on things you know nothing of. Leave it to those with specialized knowledge.""Cluny, I'm hurt, help me," he gasped.Their leader glanced out at the hedgehog. He scratched some hasty calculations on the wall with his claw, then turned to Matthias. "Oi I think we can get yon 'edgepig back, sur. You'm get us outen the gate and stan' watch.""Then something seemed to come over him. He was transformed by what could only be called a mouse miracle. Martin forsook the way of the warrior and hung up his sword.It was a door.wounds and waiting for the Chief to recover seemed to be the order of the day.

"But we don't," cried Jess. "Bring the archers! Keep the slings going! Let's give that mob in the ditch something to think about."Supposing Bull Sparra took the belt and sword case withCluny closed his eyes, intent upon keeping his present good mood. "Then get going, and try to get it right this time."Brother Alf chuckled. "Do I! Matthias wouldn't be satisfied until that fish was landed on the bank. I was all for giving

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With a triumphant shout the young mouse disappeared completely into the hole. He fell on top of Log-a-Log at the other side. Forcefully the snake launched his great body at the opening, crumbling earth and rock as he pushed his coils through the aperture.He came bounding up, for all the world as if he were on a Sunday School picnic, grinning from ear to ear. Colin and Mrs. Vole came panting in his wake. Matthias gasped with relief.

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232Holding the lantern-glass close to Matthias's nose and mouth, the Abbot was rewarded by the sight of the faint mist that appeared on it. "He lives! Cornflower, Matthias is alive! Bring blankets, get a stretcher, we must get him inside the

The sound froze the very blood in his veins. The adder was close by: where he could not tell. The deadly hiss echoed all around him.

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behind you. We'll make good time in this cool night air."Neither of them was aware of the inquisitive, beaked face of a sparrow who watched them from the corner of a stained-glass window. It noted the would-be intruders, then flew off.Matthias set up a solitary makeshift camp that night. After a frugal meal he wrapped his habit tight about his body to ward 昽ff the chill breeze and settled down to sleep. Alone with his bitter thoughts about the ungrateful shrews, the young mouse finally dozed off.

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Dunwing looked doubtful. "What for mouse wanta give nuts to King?"

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332"Matthias mousa sleepyhead! Get up! Things to be done

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