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Cluny was coming!"Right, take a breather. Find somewhere that you won't fall from. In an hour or two it'll be evening; there'll be lots of shadow and less daylight. The mice will have slowed up"Bet you anything you won't."Of course, it had to be!#72Killconey bobbed his head vigorously in agreement. "Aye, so 'twas. Didn't we see him with our very own eyes, sir? Pore ould Ragear, and him going backwards all the time."i. Dunwing had guessed that Matthias had gone to the King's chamber for other reasons than to gain his freedom. This was

There followed an embarrassed silence. Matthias spoke half aloud. "So, it seems my quest has been in vain. But what of the scabbard?"

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The hare lay back on his bed. He took a long draught of October ale before answering. "Quite frankly, old chap, 1 know nothing about the bally snake. I thought the blighter had died years ago."Below the wall on the Abbey grass Foremole directed his crew as they dug a trench. This was lined with sharpened stakes by a solitary beaver. A system of ropes and pulleys carried the baskets of stone and trench debris up to the ramparts. Defenders piled it in heaps at the edge of the parapet.through hedges and across fields. Even when the wetness

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Matthias walked out into the road, staff in hand. Stray wisps of hay drifted down behind him. His legs trembled uncontrollably. Constance hauled the Abbey cart back on to the road. Cornflower was helping her mother and Mrs. Church-mouse to calm the little ones' tears of fright. Together they stood in the cart tracks amid the settling dust.Methuselah took a sip from Matthias's milk bowl. "Sometimes I think you have a very old head for such a young mouse. What more do you wish to know about Martin the Warrior?"

Down long ages the beautiful old Abbey had stood for happiness, peace and refuge to all. Diligent mice tended the neat little vegetable patches which every season gave forth an abundance of fresh produce: cabbages, sprouts, marrows, turnips, peas, carrots, tomatoes, lettuces and onions, all in their turn. Flowerbeds, heady and fragrant with countless varieties of summer blooms from rose to humble daisy, were planted by the mice and husbanded by the hard-working bee folk, who in their turn rewarded Redwall with plentiful supplies of honey and beeswax.

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"If you really want to help, go and get hold of some of those new recruits who live locally and bring them here to me," he gasped.The young mouse could not meet the mother sparrow's eyes. He was overcome with guilt and shame. "Dunwing, I'm sorry. How did you guess?"Sister Clemence stood up smiling. She spread her paws wide. "Perhaps Cluny is coming to get us for staying up late."One of the older mice, Sister Clemence, chided Matthias as an upstart. Her voice was stern and condescending. "Novice Matthias, you will be silent and do as your Abbot commands."

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The Abbot shrugged. "No doubt it will. But please make it soon. We are not getting any younger, you and I."

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"I'll tell you," he said. "But my name is not 'mouse.* It's

Cluny sat on a fallen tree trunk and told his squad what was required of them. "I'll wait here with the plank carriers. The rest of you split up and search the area for any big, high

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