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Attracted by the flaring blaze that lit the night, defenders rushed from all quarters to see what was happening. Over thirty rats were in the high reaches of the burning tower. Many more were in the middle and still more on the lower frames. Rats were kicking and righting each other to get down from the blazing tower. They bit and trampled and slashed. Some jumped while others were pushed, screaming as they fell to the field far below.Together the friends opened the door and walked out into the sunlight of a summer morning."So be it. I have listened to your counsel and opinions, my dear and trusted friends. Although I yearn for peace, I feel that I must base my judgment on your words, which I know to be true. Therefore my power as Abbot, and any assistance that I can give are yours for the asking. It is my wish that Constance, Matthias, Winifred, Ambrose and Foremole take complete command at Redwall in the event of a second invasion. I will concern myself with aiding the injured and 'feeding the hungry. And now, my friends, I must adjourn this meeting, as I have other matters to attend to. Come, Sam. We must wash those sticky little paws before your parents arrive. Oh, and before I forget, Matthias, Brother Methuselah would like to talk with you. He is in Great Hall."Stones and arrows sped upward with devastating effect. Several mice and woodlanders cried out and fell. The results heartened Cluny. All was not lost. He began devising a new plan.Twilight tinged Mossflower Wood. Sela sniffed the breeze. She glanced up at the sky. It would soon be dark and she could keep her rendezvous with the mouse Abbot at the old stump.

The marmalade cat prodded him with an indolent paw. **Oh get up, you disgusting little beast! I know you're not dead."Cluny scratched his head with a sharp, dirty claw. "Asmodeus? What's that supposed to mean?""My friends, Redwall mice and honored guests, we are gathered here tonight, not only to pay tribute, but to add our heartfelt good wishes to Matthias and Brother Methuselah. May they have success and fortune in their venture this night, and may our Abbey soon be enhanced by the restoration of the sword that belonged to Martin the Warrior."

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The eye filmed over again as the snake carried on with

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Chickenhound waved the flag. He went into a bout of uncontrollable sniggering. "Right, I've got the message, fat one! Be sure your Abbot brings lots of valuables with him. Goodbye, old greyback."(Rhymefrom beneath the Great Hall tapestry)

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Constance and Ambrose Spike watched the odd pair pass by. The badger tapped the side of her head with a paw.Dunwing joined him. They both lay completely exhausted as the wind howled around them, stunned by the danger they had come through.166"Well, I remember that my old grandad once knew a sea tat," she answered. "Going by his description, I'd say that's what they looked like to me.""You, sir, are not fit to command any creature! You are a coward and an evil maniac. Even if my paws were not tied I would think twice before soiling them upon the likes of you. Tcha! You are beneath contempt, you . . . you ... . Rat!"

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As the rat reeled away clutching at his throat, Matthias freed the sword from the door. Ignoring their wounds, they immediately clashed again, going at it hammer and tongs. Cluny lashed out with his bleeding tail and tripped Matthias. As the warrior mouse lay upon the ground, the rat roared and stabbed downwards with the spiked railing. Matthias rolled to one side; the point sank deep into the earth. He straggled to his feet, striking out and scoring Cluny heavily down the side. But the long tail whipped out, lashing the Warrior Mouse several times across the face.

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Matthias picked up the sword of Martin. "By thunder, Log-a-Log! You're right! I fought hard for this sword in order to save Redwall! Come on!"Throughout the day-long battle, the animals not directly involved in the fighting had been busy too. Father Abbot was tending the wounded in Great Hall, Friar Hugo was constantly sending Cornflower and her helpers back and forth to the ramparts with food and drink. Mrs. Churchmouse and Mrs. Vole were making bandages from old clean sheets. Silent Sam had been left with Tim and Tess, the Churchmouse twins. He had played with the infants until they fell asleep in a heap of bandages.

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