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Cluny lay with his one good eye half open.They bore news that cheered Cluny up somewhat. They'd obtained over a hundred new recruits, mainly rats but with a good scattering of ferrets and weasels, and the odd stoat. There had been some who needed convincing. These had been press-ganged by a savage beating from Frogblood, coupled with the threat of horrible death. They were soon convinced that the wisest course was to enlist in Cluny's horde. Others were hungry nomads, only too willing to join up with the infamous Cluny. They were greedy for plunder and booty and pleased to be on what they were sure would be the winning side. Lined up in the churchyard, the recruits were supplied with weaponry by Redtooth and Darkclaw. Impassively they stood in ranks awaiting the Warlord's in--spection.8Matthias laughed in open relief. "Well, let's get started, friend Log-a-Log. We've got an adder to fight and a sword to win!"Sela licked dry lips. She stared pleadingly at the Warlord. There was no mercy in the single eye.

like this!"her otters slid into the water. As she swam Winifred issuedFour rats lay dead near the wall, and Killconey's drum stood unattended in the road. Basil Stag Hare sniffed dryly.

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From o'er the thresholdBrother George agreed, on condition that the rat surrender his weapon.

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Cornflower dozed against Matthias's shoulder. She could hear the gentle lull of her father's voice and that of John Churchmouse, blending with the hum of nocturnal insects from the meadow and hedges on this balmy summer night."Er, are you feeling all right, Chief?"

Methuselah touched a paw to his nose knowingly. "For instance, did you notice that there is a southerly breeze tonight? No, I don't suppose you did. Then look at the top of that old elm tree sticking up above the wall. Yes, that one over by the small door. Tell me what you see."

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Drawing his dagger, Matthias hastily cut the bindings from the paws of the Voles, issuing orders as he worked. "Follow me and do as I say. Move as quickly and quietly as you can."Matthias screamed aloud in agonized terror as the King's beak buried itself into his shoulder. Instinctively he lashed out with his free paw and struck Bull Sparra in the eye. The furious claws almost lifted Matthias from the weather vane as the King gripped the belt, trying to drag it ofFhim. Letting go of the vane, Matthias battered at Bull Sparra's head with both paws. He felt his feet leave the roof as the maddened sparrow heaved away at the belt, causing the scabbard to become disarranged. It flapped down across the young mouse's face."Whatta mouseworm want in court of King?" he snapped.Chickenhound swung the loaded sack with both paws at the old gatehouse-keeper's head.

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Windplume grinned at Matthias. "Mouse cheeky, but brave like Sparra warrior."

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'I'm using the Chiefs tent.* I think Cheesethief was getting too big for his boots, Chief."The old mouse chuckled drily. "Next you are going to ask me where to find the great sword of the warrior mouse."


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