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Jess and Sam were congratulated heartily by all. Smiles appeared on faces that had been gloomy shortly before. Sam bowed graciously each time he was thanked. Nobody was refusing him permission to be up on the wall now.for coffee, Petunia, and I'll bring the subject around to drills. With any luck, I'll have the dealThere were one or two insect-sting casualties to be treated at the Abbey In6rmary. Fortunately, Brother Rufus had a specific compound that he had invented some years back to deal with such emergencies as summer stings.Shortly after twelve o'clock Matthias awakened. The noontime sunlight flooded the room. Basil was flat on his back snoring stentoriously. Although his shoulder still throbbed, Matthias felt fit and refreshed - well enough to travel; He knew, however, that he must act with stealth and secrecy. If die Abbot or Cornflower or any of his friends knew of his scheme he would have no chance at all. They would make certain he was confined to bed until further notice.Basil bounded up and ate the last of Jess's cheese decisively. "Well, what are we waiting for then? Come on, Jess, you old hazelnut woffler. Up and at 'em. Forward the fur!"Jess Squirrel knocked the rat flat with both her feet. She sank her teeth into the bully's back. A pack of rats leaped upon Jess. They dragged her off their screaming companion and beat at her with their spear butts and cutlass handles.Matthias continued running to the dead end. He felt the surface of the wall, and ran his paws up and down it.

"Thinking caps on again," said the old mouse. "Let's make a close inspection of these steps."Matthias swelled with pride. Such praise, and from the champion fisher herself, an otter!Cluny flung himself into the ditch. Regrouping the sling-throwers and a few archers, he ordered them to await his command."Urr, that be true, zurr."scratching noise. Summoning up all his courage he banished his fears. Drawing Shadow's dagger he stepped out into the open, calling aloud in what he hoped was a gruff voice.

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Softly rustling, deceptive as the speckled shadows, the huge adder roamed his domain. Patience and stealth were acquired by long experience. Sometimes the serpent would He totally inert, awaiting the unsuspecting paw that trod too close. Other times it would raise itself, uncoiling to look into bushes for eggs and birds on the nest. Some nights it was lean hunting. "Many creatures sensed the approach of the slithering evil, or scented its dry, musty, deathlike odor. The snake had often gone hungry at times like these. But patience and stealth, patience and stealth; a lesson soon learned is a meal soon earned. At the foot of the sycamore the adder stretched itself alongside the still form of Redtooth. Well, an unexpected bonus! This was another rat that could not scurry off. No expenditure of venom or hypnosis needed. How fortunate! The huge reptile coiled itself languorously around the dead rodent."Well, we was rootin' about by some hedges, Chief," said Scumnose, "and we found a whole tribe of dormice fastGrabbing Guosim between them they rushed her into the shallows and ducked her under the surface of the river. She came up spluttering but coherent.

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Matthias tripped a rat with the branch. He was learning to take Basil in his stride."How so?" inquired the Abbot.

A heavy paw clamped itself around Sela's neck from behind. Her tongue shot out. Struggling uselessly, she gagged and choked.

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equipment. No doubt your sword is indeed a beautiful thing. It is a tribute to whoever forged it in bygone ages. There are very few such swords as this one left in the world, but remember, it is only a sword, Matthias!?mother. I will not rest until justice is done to her murderers." The Abbot patted the young fox's paw. "Thank you for entrusting your confidence in us, young one. Close your eyes now, and try to get some rest."Cluny settled down to wait.The big badger trundled the cart away as they called their goodnights. She nodded at Methuselah, the ancient gatekeeper mouse. As the cart rolled out into the road a sliver of golden moon looked down from a star-pierced summer night. Matthias gazed upwards, feeling as if he were slowly turning with the silent earth. Peace was all about him: the baby mice inside the cart whimpered fitfully in their small secret dreams; Constance ambled slowly along, as though she were out on a nighttime stroll pulling no weight at all; the stout ash staff lay forgotten on the footboard.

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Methuselah shook his head. "I'm too old. I can't climb up to the roof where they nest. Besides, the sparrows are odd birds, forever quarreling and chattering on in their strange voices. They are warlike creatures, extremely forgetful and completely savage. They'd throw you from the roof and kill you before you had a chance to get near their tribal nests. Yes, I'm far too old for that son of thing, Matthias, and anyhow, I'm not too sure that die sparrowhawk's story was true. Some birds can be dreadful liars when they have a mind to be."

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The rats were satisfied that both foxes were dead, and if they were not, well, who was going to climb down through all of those stinging nettles into the slippery ooze to find out? They hurled clods of earth at the prone forms in the ditch and stood watching them for a time. When flies began to gather on the foxes, the rodents lost interest and wandered off,241Fangburn stared at the floor. He had to swallow twice before he could answer. His voice subdued, "That's what happened, Chief."

It was eleven o'clock on that glorious June morning. Moss-flower Wood and the meadowlands stirred to the brazen voice of the great Joseph Bell. John Churchmouse heaved on the bellrope as he had been told to by Constance and Matthias.

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