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Cornflower and Silent Sam stood looking down from the parapet. Ambrose, aided by Jess Squirrel and Foremole, ventured out into the road to investigate. At their back stood a dozen stout mice guarding the gatehouse door under the command of Basil Stag Hare."But what about hostages for safe conduct?" hissed Red-tooth.

"No, no! Don't just stand there, Brother! Defend yourself! Hit out at me."

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15(Rhymefrom beneath the Great Hall tapestry)Suddenly the Joseph Bell began tolling. Sparra warriors appeared in swarms that almost obscured the sky above the Abbey. They landed in droves around the parapet edges. The grounds came to life with teeming swarms of Guerrilla Shrews armed to the teeth with rapiers, cudgels and slings. Matthias whirled the sword above his head as he roared out his battle cry.

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The badger bowed low in a dignified manner, gesturing with her massive blunt paw. "The floor is yours, Father Abbot."


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"Certainly," replied Julian. "Snow lives in a hollow treeMatthias continued, "Yes, if you look at these florin spikes, you'll find that they are in rows of seven, the same as the number of letters in Redwall. There are seven rows of spikes going from side to side and seven rows from top to bottom, forty-nine spikes in all. Therefore, the twenty-fifth spike up, down, or across is the exact middle spike. The rhyme says, 'look to the center.' That's this one here."Cluny was up and about. His first decision was to put the horde through their paces. He had decided that they had become fat and lazy from lying about in the church grounds while he was confined to bed, but now that he was on the mend they were going to do some drill. Standing on a tombstone, he leaned slightly upon his standard and viewed the army in training.older than you and have seen far more of life. There are not

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Together the friends opened the door and walked out into the sunlight of a summer morning.

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Colin Vole tittered aloud and remarked rather foolishly, "Ooh, would you look at Matthias an' Cornflower there, a-nursin' those two babbies like they was an old wedded couple. Well, crumble my bank!"The eye filmed over again as the snake carried on with"There, that should do it. Now hurry along, my son. Don't stop for anything on the way. Isn't that right. Captain?"

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