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He ventured cautiously forwards, holding it aloft. If Julian said that Captain Snow was about, then it must be so.he's dead, then that's that. Here, you recruits, come closer and listen to me."Methuselah shook a warning paw. "Extremely dangerous birds, sparrows. Very warlike and quarrelsome. Luckily they keep to themselves and will only attack if their territory is intruded upon as you saw today. By the way, did you see that young one who was brought down by the archers?""Here, catch! That's a medal, doncha know. Captain Snow gave it to me for saving his life."And as for Cluny promoting a weasel to captain over rats of his own kind, well Redtooth and Darkclaw and the others might have something to say about that! Upstart weasel, he'd only joined up a day or two ago. If he got half the chance, Cheesethief would fix Scragg all right.Matthias gazed in admiration at Warbeak's mother. "Well, ! never! You are going to spread a rumor that the snake has the sword and is dying down in the woods. Amazing, I can picture it now. Bull Sparra will go chasing straight down mere with his warriors. Meanwhile I will escape out on to the roof. Correct?""Lost? Where?" Cluny snarled.

"Ouch! That hurt, Father," Matthias said weakly.28The Abbot folded his paws within his wide sleeves. "It goes well for us, old one, though how I can say that anything goes well which causes death and injury to living creatures is beyond me. We live in strange times, my friend.""Aye, and that one on the back! He looked like the Devil himself.")

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Jess, Winifred and Basil stood solidly behind Constance. They had just related to her the latest piece of intelligence received. The attackers would emerge from their completed tunnel sometime around mid-afternoon."Asmodeus, Asmodeusssssssssss!"A rat held it!

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"Now, Jess. Now!" he yelled.morning conference. He took his seat and looked around the table. There were Constance, Ambrose, Winifred, Foremole, the Abbot, and also his friend the baby squirrel. He stood on a stool, dipping his paw into a bowl of milk and honey, sucking it with noisy enjoyment.

"Now, you promise to behave yourself, or down you go, my friend," Matthias shouted.

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A small green spiky chestnut still in its husk bounced off the vociferous ferret's head. Jess moved higher to a branch, with a more plentiful supply. She waved the decoy tapestry at Cluny.The little squirrel sheathed his knife and resumed paw-sucking.Jess Squirrel was lowered over the ramparts on a rope. She went swiftly down and inspected the door. In a short while she was back up again to report that although there were many deep dents and at least two long cracks, the old gatehouse door was still holding well.Brother Methuselah stood at the gate with the Abbot. He translated fully to each group of creatures the Abbot's message, in turn construing back to the Father Abbot their grateful thanks with pledges of help and loyalty to Redwall Abbey. For what creature had not been freely given the aidCluny interrupted rudely by pounding upon the table until die Abbot was silenced. He pointed a claw at Redtooth.

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"Swear by your mother's egg."

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Warbeak sighed wistfully. She looked longingly on as her uncle found the package of candied chestnuts and ripped it open. Bull Sparra dubiously sampled one. His face lit up with pleasure. "This good food for Sparra King. Not good for mouseworm. Me keep."slipped and fell down a hidden gap between the bales. Scrambling and clutching, he plunged down to the floor.Cluny lashed out with his long tail, sending the Vole family flat upon the floor. Mr. Abram Vole struggled to shield his wife and son with his body as the tail flailed out a second time.

It was fully daylight when he reawakened. The sun beat down through the trees, mixing its rays in the pale blue smoke of the cooking fires. Log-a-Log brought toasted wheatcake and a bowl of herb tea. Sitting up, Matthias accepted them noncommittally. He ate and drank in silence while Log-a-Log folded the blanket and packed it away. The shrew stood beside him and gave a short, nervous cough.

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