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Bounding down into the grounds she was surrounded by cheering friends, not the least of whom was Mr. Squirrel, who smothered her with kisses, while their son, Silent Sam,Complete silence fell. He handed the pebble to Matthias.

The creature had spiky fur which stuck out at odd angles all over. Around its brow was bound a brightly-colored scarf. The stranger was fully a head shorter than Matthias. It stood defiantly blocking his way, glaring at him with the maddest-looking eyes he had ever encountered.

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With two rats flanking him, the Father Abbot stepped forward in a slow, dignified manner. Even clad in his nightwear he radiated calm and fortitude. Cluny sat back, sneering openly.

Four rats lay dead near the wall, and Killconey's drum stood unattended in the road. Basil Stag Hare sniffed dryly.

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Abbot Mortimer looked up at the sky."About ten minutes' march to the east," Scragg replied.

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It was the afternoon of the following day. Matthias marched into the farmyard at the head of all the Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. He halted the entire regiment outside the barn and turned to Log-a-Log.

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Matthias screamed aloud in agonized terror as the King's beak buried itself into his shoulder. Instinctively he lashed out with his free paw and struck Bull Sparra in the eye. The furious claws almost lifted Matthias from the weather vane as the King gripped the belt, trying to drag it ofFhim. Letting go of the vane, Matthias battered at Bull Sparra's head with both paws. He felt his feet leave the roof as the maddened sparrow heaved away at the belt, causing the scabbard to become disarranged. It flapped down across the young mouse's face.

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