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Redwall had won the final battle.The defenders looked towards Constance.The marmalade cat loomed up out of the half-light. "So I see. Welcome, little friend! Is that the sword you told me of?""Mutiny, insubordination!" Cluny roared. "By the teeth of hell, I'll flay you into mangy dollrags."Matthias watched admiringly. "What splendid workers these moles are, Methuselah."

"Kneel to me, mouse! Kneel or I will kill you," he stormed.The dreadrul sound was much closer now! Struggling and pushing forward, he came to the end of the tunnel.They both looked at the ferret, waiting for him to express an opinion."Keep those slings throwing! Bring up extra spears! Close up that line! Don't fire until you see them stand!"Small creatures rubbing sleep from their eyes in confusion were dragged out into the Abbey grounds. Woodland infants wept fitfully as they clung to their parents. Bullying rats pushed and harried everyone out into the open where they made them sit on the grass. Abbot Mortimer in his homespun nightshirt was kept to one side with his captains. Their paws were cruelly bound behind them. They stood in stolid silence as sniggering rats referred to them as "The Ringleaders."

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Chickenhound was having one of his sniggering fits, even attempting to dance a little jig. He had been left to his own devices.Matthias drew his dagger. He stuck it into the wooden ceiling to steady himself as they halted to look for the next loft door.Chickenhound bounded up the stairs into Great Hall. Behind him the Friar, having regained his feet, puffed along raising the hue and cry.

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"Basil, where in heaven's name did you get to?""Shall we tell them, Sam?" grinned Jess.

"Er, it was like this, Chief," Fangburn stammered. "Me and old Redtooth were keeping our eyes on the fox here, when suddenly Redtooth hears a noise in the woods, so off he goes to investigate."

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The great snowy owl beckoned towards his hole with a sweeping wing. "Listen, mouse, you can't stand down there shouting up at me. Why not come into my lair, er, nest. Then we can chat together in comfort."Had the mind of Cluny the Scourge finally snapped?The cat sniffed disdainfully. "You ask quite a lot. I wouldn't do this for anyone else, you know.""Ah, I tell you, this is the life! Better than gettin' shot at! Me ould mother always said, get a good job and keep yer head down."97

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The rest of Matthias's words were drowned out by the hysterical screeching laughter of the owl, who nearly fell from his perch with merriment. He blinked tears from his huge eyes.

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"You didn't know I was a lancejack, did you, m'dear? Ah those were the days of the old Forty-Seventh Hare Border Rangers! That was the first time I ever clapped eyes on a stag! I say,.I'm not boring you, am I? Nod's as good as a wink to old bachelor Basil, y'know."At lightning speed the big rat's claws shot out, and grabbed them both cruelly by the ears. The stupid henchrats yowled piteously as they were lifted bodily from the floor and swung to and fro. In a fit of rage, Cluny bashed their heads together. Half senseless, they were hurled towards the doorway, with his angry words ringing in their skulls. "Beetles, worms, rotten sparrows! Get me meat. Tender, young, red meat! Next time you bring me rubbish like this, I'll spit the pair of you and have you roasted in your own juice. Is that clear?"you and it's going to stay that way. When dinner's over, you take Mrs. Mason back to the lounge

There was Cluny's poisoned tail-barb which he wore in battle. Careful not to pierce his claws by accident, he fitted it to his own tail. Next he draped the Warlord's cloak about him. It was a bit long, but what a dashing figure he must cut. For a while he contemplated die massive war helmet. Peeping around the tent flap he checked that there was no sign of the

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