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Cluny pointed. "You, leader mouse! What's your name again?"On one side of the young mouse the gifts from Squire Julian Gingivere, Captain Snow and the shrews were piled high; on the other was his sword, reflecting the rays of the afternoon sun. The Guerrilla Shrew regiment had chosen to sleep off the effects of the party outside in the sun. They lay about the farmyard, too full even to argue.He struck for Redwall!In moonlight streaming forth,The hare lay back on his bed. He took a long draught of October ale before answering. "Quite frankly, old chap, 1 know nothing about the bally snake. I thought the blighter had died years ago.""Ah! Now King give Sparra word. I say if mouse-worm give more candynuts then go free, but must give lot." The King spread his wings wide apart. "This many lot!"

Would Cluny recover from his injuries? Had his horde been so soundly defeated that they had learned their lesson? Or would they be back?"What a thoughtful little body you are. Miss Cornflower. I always say there's nothing like some good homemade vegetable soup to keep the life in my old spines. It's a fair night, but mark you, it gets a bit chill twixt dark and dawn, m'dear."Matthias interrupted: "I must find the sword by myself. Basil. Just tell me all you know about the adder called Asmodeus."

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Dawn revealed a sadly-disorganized horde. Cluny wisely held back his temper. Many of his soldiers looked so demoralized that they were liable to make a run for it and desert. He reasoned that there was little to be gained by adding insult to injury. Seven rats, two ferrets and a stoat lay dead in the ditch. Unable to escape the main body of hornets, they had been stung so many times it had proved fatal.The frightened rat stuck out what he fervently hoped was his left paw.Matthias felt he had found an ally. "You mean you would fight?"

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Matthias was not the liveliest of table companions. He smiled and nodded, paying little attention to the chatter of the Voles and Squirrels. He was not even distracted by Silent Sam who sat upon his knee, stroking his whiskers with a sticky paw. Basil Stag Hare eyed the food which Matthias had hardly touched.Cheesethief fell to his knees, sobbing. "But you didn't see him. Chief. He was just lying there. His face was all swollen and his tongue was sticking out. It had gone purple. Ugh! He was all sort of bloated like ... it was horrible!"

Plumpen cursed the fate that had put him and his family in the hands of the rats. What a happy, friendly lot the Redwatt creatures were. He was served afternoon tea sitting on the grass in the cloisters. The dormouse felt the good food turn to ashes in his mouth at the thought of his betrayal of fellow

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; of one mouse in particular called Martin the Warrior. . . ."Jess spoke haltingly in a broken voice. "I fear that Cluny tore up one of your oldest and most venerable dishrags. Alas, Redwall will never see it wipe another plate!""Oh that, I've got a cheddar cheese that four badgers couldn't roll, plus ten other varieties."206"There now, I'll just pop you all into my sack. Don't worry, Uncle Chickenhound will take care of you!" ^ Sniggering delightedly, the fox trotted along the corridor into the next room. More and more small valuables and family keepsakes belonging to the mice and their woodland pests vanished into the thief s sack. He sniggered uncontrollably. Imagine all the hard work and fighting that Cluny was going to do, just to get at all this, and here was he having first choice.

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The twenty dormice were dragged forward in a pitiable condition. They cowered on the ground in front of the Warlord, half starved and dull-eyed.

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The two mice joined her. Hardly had Matthias sat down when he leaped up again.With Warbeak flying behind him as a backup in case he fell, Matthias used the open door as a ladder. He was soon up through the opening. Though the inside was dull and gloomy, he could see they were in a long trenchlike defile, one side of which was a fairly straight wall while the other side was a high curving slope, the reverse side of the arched wooden ceiling."Stand fast," snapped the Captain.

"Huh, I certainly wouldn't waste good time and medicine on this one," said Jess coldly.

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