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At the center of the front rank stood a rat who had been wounded in the first encounter at the Abbey, He whispered out of the comer of his mouth to his comrade-in-arms alongside him, "Huh, leads us, my foot! Last time we attacked he stood well out of the way, back in some meadow."Matthias ducked deeper into the ferns and was soon just a silent ripple making through the lush summer green of Mossflower towards the Church of St. Ninian.Matthias saw that all the tiny thorns on the rose stems resembled small swords. He felt he should speak to theThe marmalade cat loomed up out of the half-light. "So I see. Welcome, little friend! Is that the sword you told me of?"The rest of Matthias's words were drowned out by the hysterical screeching laughter of the owl, who nearly fell from his perch with merriment. He blinked tears from his huge eyes.A picture of a mouse?

Small creatures rubbing sleep from their eyes in confusion were dragged out into the Abbey grounds. Woodland infants wept fitfully as they clung to their parents. Bullying rats pushed and harried everyone out into the open where they made them sit on the grass. Abbot Mortimer in his homespun nightshirt was kept to one side with his captains. Their paws were cruelly bound behind them. They stood in stolid silence as sniggering rats referred to them as "The Ringleaders."Matthias stooped, speaking gently for fear of frightening the infant. "Hello there. My name's Matthias. What's yours?"Colin Vole shrieked in terror. His mother and father struggled bravely as they were dragged off.

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157Out in the safety of the meadow, Killconey attempted to soothe Cluny's ego. "Ah, what a sly ould move of yours,All eyes were on the Father Abbot. He took a dainty fork loaded precariously with steaming fish. Carefully he transferred it from plate to mouth. Chewing delicately, he turned his eyes upwards then closed them, whiskers atwitch, jaws working steadily, munching away, his tail curled up holding a napkin which neatly wiped his mouth. The Abbot's eyes reopened. He beamed like the sun on midsummer morn.

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ground. "Matthias," he laughed. "What an odd name, to be sure!"

"You didn't know I was a lancejack, did you, m'dear? Ah those were the days of the old Forty-Seventh Hare Border Rangers! That was the first time I ever clapped eyes on a stag! I say,.I'm not boring you, am I? Nod's as good as a wink to old bachelor Basil, y'know."

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defunct workings. The scant vegetation lent the quarry an air of stark desolation.259Again the mouse warrior armed with his ancient sword returned to haunt Cluny's fevered dreams.Foremole smiled, his whole face almost vanishing into dark velvet wrinkles. He clapped Matthias on the shoulder in a chummy way. The young mouse was amazed at the weight and strength of Foremole's paw. He was glad that it was a friendly pat.It was as if he had stepped out of the tapestry upon die wall. On his arm was a burnished shield, at his waist was a sword belt of black leather and silver. From the scabbard at his side he drew forth a mighty sword.

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The badger's eyes blazed with contempt as she spun the vixen around. "Here's your reward, traitor!"The sounds of the pursuers grew louder. They were gaining.Cluny had cursed Fangburn for twenty different kinds of an idiot. Fancy not being able to read, and allowing Sela to write out a message! Imagine letting Chickenhound go free without first getting the scroll read.

"Don't worry, Father Abbot, there will be enough for all. '*

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